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Sep 29, 5:44 PM EDT

`Sleepy Hollow' star Tom Mison calls Fox drama's new season 'the tricky second album'

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NEW YORK (AP) -- "Sleepy Hollow" was renewed after just three episodes last year, and star Tom Mison, who plays Ichabod Crane, calls the new season "the tricky second album."

"Last season people were ... expecting us to be terrible," Mison says of the Fox mythical drama, which airs Monday nights (9 p.m. EDT). "Let's be honest ... (the show's premise is) quite a bold idea. Last season: low expectations. This season: high."

Set in modern day, Crane awakens after being killed in the Revolutionary War. He must adjust to the new time period, battle the headless horseman and prevent the apocalypse with the help of police Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie). He's also trying to reunite with his wife, Katrina.

Beharie says "Sleepy Hollow" will be more character-driven this season.

"This year it's a lot more personal, and there are a lot of questions about (whether Ichabod and Abbie) can remain loyal to one another and to their cause," she says.

Some fans are rooting for a romantic link to develop between Ichabod and Abbie. "He's a guy, I'm a girl, and they're like, `There should be kissing involved,'" Beharie said with a laugh. "I didn't see that happening. Not at all. ... That happens in some shows, but they're sort of focused on saving the world and the apocalypse, so I don't see Abbie wanting to fight over the same romantic guy in any way."

Various "Sleepy Hollow"-themed books are in the works. The first, "The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane," is now in stores.

Beharie would like a pop-up themed episode, where various behind-the-scenes facts about filming appear on the screen during different scenes.

"Sleepy Hollow" is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina, which Mison says can be "very close to unbearable" when the weather is very humid.

"The noises that I make when the wig comes off and that coat comes off," he joked. "I've never experienced joy like it."


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