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Oct 21, 8:25 AM EDT

Syrian airstrikes kill 8 in town near Jordan

AP Photo
AP Photo/Uncredited
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Syrian airstrikes kill 8 in town near Jordan

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BEIRUT (AP) -- Activists say Syrian government airstrikes hit a rebel-held town along the country's southern border with Jordan, killing at least eight people.

Activists with the Local Coordination Committees, and the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights say the number of those killed in Tuesday's strikes is likely to rise as there are more victims under the rubble.

The LCC says Syrian government planes dropped crude explosives-laden canisters on the town of Nasib on the Syria-Jordan border. The Observatory says one child was among those killed.

The airstrikes are part of battles between Syrian government forces and Islamic rebel groups for control of the area.

Syrian government forces have been heavily bombing rebel areas in recent weeks, while the U.S-led coalition has been conducting airstrikes against Islamic State militants elsewhere in Syria.

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