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Official: 10 civilians killed in 3 car bombs in Libya

Inside Libya
Official: 10 civilians killed in 3 car bombs in Libya

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BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) -- A Libyan official says at least ten civilians were killed when three separate car bombs exploded simultaneously in the eastern coastal city of Darna.

Hamid Albandag, the city's representative to the internationally-recognized government, says the bombings, which went off Friday evening, set off clashes between militants belonging to the Islamic State's local affiliate and al-Qaida-linked militias that continued into Saturday afternoon.

The Libyan army has surrounded the city from all directions for months and appears to be restraining from fighting the al-Qaida-linked militias.

Last month, the al-Qaida-linked militias pushed the Islamic State militants out of the center of the city, which they had controlled since late last year.

Libya's Islamic State affiliate is now fighting on different fronts, losing ground in Darna while expanding along the country's central northern coastline.

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