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Mar 27, 10:45 AM EDT

Israel indicts Golan Druse on suspicion of spying for Syria

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Israel indicts Golan Druse on suspicion of spying for Syria

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Israel indicts Golan Druse on suspicion of spying for Syria

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Conflict in the Middle East

JERUSALEM (AP) -- An Israeli district court has indicted an Arab Druse from the Golan Heights on suspicion of spying for Syria.

Israeli police said Friday that in a joint investigation with the Shin Bet security service, they arrested two residents of the town of Majdal Shams who were documenting Israeli military operations on its northern border and had been in touch with a Syrian handler. The information collected was allegedly transferred over the Internet and in person to contacts in Syria.

On Friday, one of the men, Tzudki Saliman, was indicted on counts of espionage, assisting the enemy during wartime, conspiracy to commit criminal acts and contact with a foreign agent.

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