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Aug 31, 6:15 PM EDT

Clashes during Israeli raid to arrest militant in West Bank

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Clashes during Israeli raid to arrest militant in West Bank

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Conflict in the Middle East

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West Bank road

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) -- An Israeli raid to arrest militants in the West Bank turned into a gunbattle Monday night leaving several wounded in the clashes.

A Palestinian security official said Israeli forces surrounded a house in Jenin refugee camp late Monday.

Palestinian gunmen exchanged heavy fire with Israeli soldiers and five Palestinians were wounded and taken to hospital, he said.

A local leader of the militant Islamic group and his brother were arrested, he said. Soldiers also tried to arrest a member of the Islamic Jihad group but couldn't find him, he said.

He spoke anonymously as he is not allowed to brief the media.

The Israeli military said there had been an exchange of gunfire but would not elaborate further.

Israeli media reported that a member of an elite police unit was wounded in the fighting.

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