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May 30, 1:25 PM EDT

Palestinian arrested after stabbing soldier in Tel Aviv

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Palestinian arrested after stabbing soldier in Tel Aviv

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Conflict in the Middle East

West Bank road

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli police say a 17-year-old Palestinian stabbed a soldier in central Tel Aviv, lightly wounding him before being arrested after a short chase.

Video footage broadcast by Israeli TV shows the Palestinian holding what appears to be a knife and yelling at officers who arrested him on the stairwell of an apartment building in Tel Aviv.

Monday's assault appeared to be the latest in a series of Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians and security personnel over the last eight months. The stabbings, shootings and vehicular assaults have killed 28 Israelis and two Americans. About 200 Palestinians were killed during that time, mostly attackers, Israel says. The assaults have been less frequent in recent weeks.

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