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Aug 24, 3:13 PM EDT

Israeli military: Palestinian killed after stabbing soldier

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Israeli military: Palestinian killed after stabbing soldier

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Conflict in the Middle East

West Bank road

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) -- Israel's military said a Palestinian was shot and killed after he stabbed and wounded a soldier in the West Bank on Wednesday, but the man's family disputed its version of events.

The military said that when soldiers chased Palestinians who had been throwing rocks at them near a Jewish settlement, one of the Palestinians stabbed a soldier, who responded by opening fire. The wounded soldier was taken to a hospital.

The family of the Palestinian, identified as Sari Abu Ghurab, 24, expressed shock at the army's account. His uncle, Hasan, said it "made no sense" Sari would do something like that as he was supposed to open a restaurant in a few days and was engaged to be married next month.

Since September, Palestinians have killed 34 Israelis and two visiting Americans in attacks. Some 207 Palestinians have been killed in that time, most of them identified as attackers by Israel.

Israel blames the violence on a campaign of incitement by Palestinian political and religious leaders. The Palestinians say it is rooted in decades of living under military rule and fading hopes for independence.

Israeli and Palestinian rights groups say the military has at times used excessive force to subdue attackers.

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