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May 28, 10:30 AM EDT

West Bank buries wounded Palestinian who was killed in March

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West Bank buries wounded Palestinian who was killed in March

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Conflict in the Middle East

West Bank road

HEBRON, West Bank (AP) -- Over a thousand people have attended the West Bank funeral of a Palestinian who was shot and killed by an Israeli soldier while he lay wounded after carrying out a stabbing attack on security forces in March.

Mourners carried the body of Abdel-Fattah al-Sharif at the funeral in Hebron on Saturday.

The shooting incident was caught on video and the soldier is now standing trial for manslaughter. The rare case has polarized Israel, with defense officials condemning the soldier's conduct while others supported him.

Israel has faced months of Palestinian attacks against civilians and security personnel. So far, 28 Israelis and two Americans have been killed, as well as about 200 Palestinians. Israel says most of the Palestinains have been attackers.

The assaults have declined recently but not entirely stopped.

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