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Apr 21, 10:12 AM EDT

Egypt detains well-known belly dancer

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Egypt detains well-known belly dancer

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CAIRO (AP) -- Egyptian authorities have detained a belly dancer who rose to fame for her videos spoofing Islamists and other politicians over allegations that she is running an unlicensed satellite station.

Prosecutors said Monday that Sama el-Masry was taken into custody late Sunday in Cairo.

Earlier this year, she launched a satellite station called "Feloul," a pejorative term used to refer to supporters of longtime autocrat Hosni Mubarak, who was toppled in 2011.

El-Masry has used the station to vigorously defend the military and its overthrow last July of Mubarak's successor, the Islamist Mohammed Morsi.

This week, she attacked a former presidential hopeful who filed a complaint against her.

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