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Jul 20, 6:14 AM EDT

Russian protester sentenced for throwing brick at policeman

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MOSCOW (AP) -- A Moscow court has sentenced a protester to 2 years in prison for throwing a brick at a riot policeman during an opposition rally earlier this year.

The March 26 rally on Moscow's main street, organized by opposition leader Alexei Navalny, was a rare unauthorized protest against President Vladimir Putin. Rallies were held in dozens of other Russian cities and towns in the biggest outpouring of discontent in years.

A judge at a Moscow court on Thursday found Stanislav Zimovets guilty of using violence against the police, Russian news agencies reported. Prosecutors said Zimovets threw a brick at the policeman, "causing him physical pain."

Two other people have been convicted of attacking policemen at that rally - one sentenced to eight months, another to 1 years in prison.

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