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Jul 9, 6:40 AM EDT

Germany: Michigan man wanted in WWII killings dies

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Man linked to Nazi police dies in Michigan at 93

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Germany: Michigan man wanted in WWII killings dies

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BERLIN (AP) -- German prosecutors say a Michigan man they were investigating over his alleged service in a Nazi-controlled police force during World War II in present-day Ukraine has died in the U.S.

Munich prosecutors had been investigating John Kalymon of Troy on suspicion of murder since 2010 and this year issued an arrest warrant aimed at triggering his deportation for trial. They said Wednesday that U.S. authorities told them Tuesday that he had died at age 93 - meaning their investigation is over.

Prosecutors said Kalymon was a member of the Nazi-sponsored Ukrainian Auxiliary Police in Lviv. They suspected him of being involved in the 1942 roundup and deportation to a death camp of Jews in Lviv, part of pre-war Poland.

Kalymon, who lost his American citizenship in 2007, denied any involvement.

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