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Sep 23, 12:37 PM EDT

EU's Schulz: UK government was unprepared for Brexit vote

AP Photo
AP Photo/Matt Dunham

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EU's Schulz: UK government was unprepared for Brexit vote

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LONDON (AP) -- The president of the European Parliament says Britain's government was unprepared for the country's vote to leave the European Union, and doesn't know when it wants to start divorce talks.

Martin Schulz says the Conservative government was "in no way prepared for the 'leave' majority" in June's referendum.

Speaking Friday at the London School of Economics, Schulz said he feels "the government is undecided about how and when" it should trigger the two-year period of exit talks.

Schulz, a German Social Democrat, leads the EU's legislative assembly. He has urged Britain to start exit talks soon.

Prime Minister Theresa May says that won't happen before the end of the year.

Schulz said Britain's exit was a "lose-lose" situation, and "a disaster for us and for the United Kingdom."

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