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May 4, 3:24 AM EDT

Pakistani army chief confirms death sentences for 11 Taliban

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Pakistani army chief confirms death sentences for 11 Taliban

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ISLAMABAD (AP) -- Pakistan's army chief has signed off on the death sentences of 11 members of the Taliban convicted of terrorism, kidnappings, attacks on civilians as well as assaults on police and army officers.

The 11 were tried by military courts in closed-door trials. Pakistan started military trials for those suspected of terrorism after lifting a 2008 moratorium on the death penalty following the Peshawar school massacre that killed over 150, mostly kids, in late 2014.

In cases of capital punishment handed down by military courts, the army chief is required to confirm the sentences.

A Pakistani army statement late Tuesday said Gen. Raheel Sharif signed off on the sentences.

It was not immediately known when the executions would take place. The 11 have the right to appeal.

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