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Dutch probe: Buk missile downed Malaysian jet in Ukraine
GILZE-RIJEN AIR BASE, Netherlands (AP) -- The missile shot skyward from war-ravaged eastern Ukraine. With deadly accuracy more than six miles up, it detonated just in front of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner, sending hundreds of jagged steel shards ripping through its aluminum skin at up to 5,600 mph and shearing the cockpit from the rest of the plane....

Palestinians assailants often leave behind ordinary lives
JERUSALEM (AP) -- They lived ordinary lives with ordinary ambitions - an electrician saving up to get married, a fitness buff, a worker in a butcher shop, a teen with plans for study in Europe after high school. But then these young Palestinians seemingly snapped....

Jerusalem hospital copes with treating victims and attackers
JERUSALEM (AP) -- As a wave of violence sweeps across Jerusalem, victims and perpetrators are often surprised to be reunited - at each other's bedside in the city's largest emergency ward....

Russian Embassy shelled in Syria as insurgents hit back
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) -- The Russian Embassy in Damascus was shelled Tuesday as pro-government demonstrators gathered outside, and Syria's largest insurgent coalition announced an offensive to counter Moscow's airstrikes that have injected new fury in the conflict....

Wild aurochs-like cattle reintroduced in Czech Republic
MILOVICE, Czech Republic (AP) -- Such an animal has not been seen on Czech territory for hundreds of years....

Top beer makers to join forces to face industry challenges
BRUSSELS (AP) -- The world's biggest beer maker clinched a deal Tuesday to take over its nearest rival in a bid to stave off the megabrewers' most serious problems: the surge in popularity of craft brews and weakening sales in the rich markets of the U.S. and Europe....

Israeli leader vows 'aggressive steps' to halt fighting
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's prime minister on Tuesday said he would take a series of "aggressive steps" to halt a wave of violence in Israeli cities after two attacks in Jerusalem left three Israelis dead. Three Palestinians, including two attackers, were also killed....

Jamaica's Marlon James wins Booker Prize for fiction
LONDON (AP) -- Marlon James became the first Jamaican winner of the prestigious Booker Prize for fiction Tuesday with a vivid, violent, exuberant and expletive-laden novel based on the attempted assassination of Bob Marley....

Chronology of violence between Palestinians and Israel
JERUSALEM (AP) -- A rash of Palestinian stabbing attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers in recent weeks has killed eight Israelis and at least 29 Palestinians. The unrest began a month ago, when Palestinians repeatedly barricaded themselves inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City, hurling stones and firebombs at police. Tensions were fueled by Palestinian allegations that Israel plans to change the delicate arrangement at the hilltop compound, sacred to both Muslims and Jews. Israel has adamantly denied the allegations and accused Palestinian leaders of inciting the violence and spreading lies over the shrines. Violence was initially confined to east Jerusalem and the West Bank - territories Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 war and claimed by the Palestinians for a future state - but later spread to Israeli cities in the form of deadly stabbing attacks....

France, Saudi Arabia deepen alliance with 10B euros in deals
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) -- France has signed deals worth 10 billion euros ($11.4 billion) with Saudi Arabia, said French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday, underscoring the shared foreign policy stances that have helped deepen the two countries' military and economic ties....

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Dutch probe: Buk missile downed Malaysian jet in Ukraine

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