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Yemen's president calls Shiite rebels 'puppets of Iran'
SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt (AP) -- Yemen's embattled president on Saturday called Shiite rebels who forced him to flee the country "puppets of Iran," directly blaming the Islamic Republic for the chaos there and demanding airstrikes against rebel positions continue until they surrender....

Italian court throws out Knox conviction once and for all
ROME (AP) -- Amanda Knox, who maintained that she and her former Italian boyfriend were innocent in her British roommate's murder through multiple trials and nearly four years in jail, was vindicated Friday when Italy's highest court threw out their convictions once and for all....

Marriage plans and writing occupy Amanda Knox
SEATTLE (AP) -- Despite the murder case hanging over her head, Amanda Knox tried to lead a normal life in the more than three years since she was freed from an Italian prison: She recently got engaged and has started writing theater reviews and other articles for a weekly paper in her hometown....

Painstaking recovery mission at treacherous Alps crash site
SEYNE-LES-ALPES, France (AP) -- The ravine echoes with helicopter rotors, the scrape of metal on stone, the rumble of sliding scree as the remnants of Germanwings Flight 9525 dislodge from the mountainside....

For African migrants, trek to Europe brings risk, heartbreak
VELES, Macedonia (AP) -- This is the moment when Sandrine Koffi's dream of a new life in Europe ended - and her nightmare of an infant lost in the Macedonian night began....

Migrants' newest route to Europe means an epic Balkans trek
THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) -- Migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East take many routes to cross illegally into the European Union, and all are fraught with likely disappointment and occasional danger. The newest path, through the EU's Balkans back door, comes with a cruel twist: an epic 250-kilometer (150-mile) walk that is surging in popularity even though most who try it fail....

World's huddled masses use 4 key land, sea routes to Europe
DUBLIN (AP) -- Most migrants who live illegally in the European Union fly to the 28-nation bloc on valid visas and simply overstay their welcome. But for the poorest and most desperate travelers of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the journey often takes months by sea or land, with payments to trafficking gangs....

Timeline of African migrants' 10-day Balkan journey on foot
A journey by African migrants as they tried to reach the European Union through the Balkans ended largely in defeat after a 10-day, 200-kilometer (125-mile) hike. But weeks later a dogged, lucky few finally reached their EU destination of Hungary....

UK prime minister rallies party before 'knife edge' election
LONDON (AP) -- Prime Minister David Cameron said Saturday that Britain's election campaign is on a knife edge, as he rallied the Conservative party with a personal attack on his main rival....

About 4,000 fishermen stranded on Indonesian islands
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- The number of foreign fishermen stranded on several remote eastern Indonesian islands has spiraled to 4,000, including some revealed in an Associated Press investigation to have been enslaved....

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World's huddled masses use 4 key land, sea routes to Europe

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Yemen's president calls Shiite rebels 'puppets of Iran'




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