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Obama visit to South Korea tinged by mourning
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- President Barack Obama is sitting down with South Korea's President Park Geun-hye, whose attention is unavoidably split between her economic agenda with Obama and the unfolding aftermath of a tragic ferry disaster....

Analysis: Beyond Kerry, seeking new Mideast ideas
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Nine months of U.S.-driven diplomacy have left Israelis and Palestinians less hopeful than ever about a comprehensive peace agreement to end their century of conflict. Although a formula may yet be found to somehow prolong the talks past an end-of-April deadline, they are on the brink of collapse and the search is already on for new ideas....

AP Exclusive: Foreign food aid drying up in NKorea
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) -- A funding crunch for aid to North Korea has become so severe 500,000 rural schoolchildren are as of this month no longer receiving assistance and aid to millions more could soon dry up, according to a report obtained by The Associated Press. The report underscores the flight of international donors to countries with less political baggage and more willingness to let aid workers do their jobs....

Fury, cargo questions surround sunken SKorea ferry
JINDO, South Korea (AP) -- Frustrated relatives of the scores of people still missing from the sinking of the ferry Sewol held the fisheries minister and the coast guard chief overnight, angry about the pace of divers who have recovered 183 bodies so far but may have nearly 120 left to find in the dark rooms of the submerged vessel....

Seabed search for missing Malaysian jet to widen
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- The seabed search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet is set to widen as a sonar scan of the most likely crash site deep beneath the Indian Ocean nears completion without yielding a single clue, authorities said Friday....

S&P cuts Russia's credit rating
MOSCOW (AP) -- The Standard & Poor's credit agency on Friday cut Russia's credit rating for the first time in more than five years, raising the financial stakes flowing from the crisis in Ukraine as tensions rise and the United States and its allies are contemplating further economic sanctions....

Baltic states lead push to cut Russia gas reliance
VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) -- Later this year, a ship the size of an aircraft carrier will arrive at Lithuania's port of Klaipeda on the Baltic Sea. The 300-meter (984-foot) vessel is not a warship, but a floating natural gas import terminal - aptly named "Independence" - that will be key to the Baltic region's plan to reduce its reliance on Russia's energy supplies....

40 years after revolution, Portugal is angry
LISBON, Portugal (AP) -- Euphoria gripped Portugal during the 1974 Carnation Revolution, when junior army officers swept away a four-decade dictatorship. The almost bloodless coup brought what for the Portuguese were novelties - the right to vote, universal health care, public education, old-age pensions and labor rights....

Study: US manufacturers gaining competitiveness
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. manufacturers have grown more competitive over the past decade compared with factories in China, Brazil and most of the world's other major economies....

Drunk passenger causes hijack scare in Bali
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- An airline official says a drunk passenger on a Virgin Australia flight who caused a hijack scare has been arrested for creating a disturbance after the plane landed on Indonesia's resort island of Bali....

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AP Exclusive: Foreign food aid drying up in NKorea

Baltic states lead push to cut Russia gas reliance

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