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AP Top Political News at 10:25 p.m. EDT

AP-GfK Poll: Clinton appears on cusp of commanding victory
NEW YORK (AP) -- Hillary Clinton appears on the cusp of a potentially commanding victory over Donald Trump, fueled by solid Democratic turnout in early voting, massive operational advantages and increasing enthusiasm among her supporters....

AP-GfK poll: Pence runs stronger than Trump against Clinton
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Republican Party might be in a far stronger position in the race for the White House if Donald Trump were not the nominee....

AP-GfK Poll: Clinton a big winner over Trump in the debates
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Americans see Hillary Clinton as the clear winner over Donald Trump in this year's presidential debates, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. The survey shows commanding advantages for Clinton heading into the final days of the campaign....

Trump: I'll run America like my business. Clinton: Let's not
WASHINGTON (AP) -- His presidential dreams increasingly in question, Donald Trump pushed his business empire to the center of his political campaign Wednesday. Taking a break from battleground states, he made the case at his newest hotel that all Americans should look to his corporate record for evidence of how well he'd run the country....

The Latest: Democrats claim voter intimidation in lawsuit
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Latest on the U.S. presidential race (all times EDT):...

Pentagon suspends California National Guard bonus repayments
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Pentagon worked Wednesday to stave off a public relations nightmare, suspending efforts to force California National Guard troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan to repay their enlistment bonuses that may have been improperly awarded....

General: Mosul battle is hard, but Raqqa will be harder
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Iraq's battle to reclaim Mosul from the Islamic State group is progressing despite "stiff" resistance from resilient and creative fighters, but a coming offensive to oust them from their main Syria stronghold at Raqqa poses tougher political challenges and could take longer, the U.S. commander of anti-IS coalition forces said Wednesday....

At Trump hotel in Washington, alternate reality: All is well
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Donald Trump may be spending most of his days inside the frantic hurricane of the presidential campaign, but inside his new hotel in Washington, calm and luxury prevail....

Father who lost Muslim son in Iraq berates Trump from mosque
NORFOLK, Va. (AP) -- Khizr Khan, a Muslim-American whose son was killed in Iraq, held back tears Wednesday as he again took on Donald Trump, saying the Republican presidential nominee is peddling hate and no less than the "future of the earth" is at stake in the Nov. 8 election....

2 studies point to lack of campaign substance on newscasts
NEW YORK (AP) -- Two studies of U.S. news coverage suggest that this is a presidential campaign with little substance - unless groping women, tax returns and email servers are your idea of major issues....