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The Associated Press
AP Top Strange News at 2:49 a.m. EDT

Twerking, lowriders shut down Route 66 in New Mexico
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- A hip-hop video shoot shut down parts of Route 66 in New Mexico last weekend because lowriders were driving around in circles as a crowd of hundreds twerked in the street....

Hawaii woman wins $10.7M off penny slot machine in Vegas
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A Hawaii woman has won more than $10 million playing the penny slots in Las Vegas....

Illinois minor leaguer sends homer into own truck windshield
SAUGET, Ill. (AP) -- A minor league baseball player in southern Illinois hit a grand slam homerun only to find the ball smashed the windshield of his own truck....

Dog-gone: Canine candidate re-elected Minnesota town mayor
CORMORANT, Minn. (AP) -- The four-legged mayor of a northwestern Minnesota village greets voters like a true politician....

Russian cat adopts abandoned baby squirrel monkey from zoo
AP Photo
MOSCOW (AP) -- A Russian cat has adopted a baby squirrel monkey after he was abandoned by his mother at a zoo, comforting the little primate by letting him cling to her back for warmth....

Loose snake with Twitter following want to give Trump a hug
WESTBROOK, Maine (AP) -- A large snake believed to be lurking along a riverbank in Maine doesn't appear to be a fan of Donald Trump....

Cops: Man jailed for cutting sappy tree that hit apartments
PITTSTON, Pa. (AP) -- Police say a Pennsylvania man who believed sap from a tree next door was ruining his car, chopped it down, causing the tree to crash into an apartment building he owns, damaging it so badly it had to be condemned....

Student trying to impress woman gets stuck between buildings
PITTSBURGH (AP) -- A University of Pittsburgh student trying to impress a woman by leaping from one rooftop to another instead fell into a narrow gap between the buildings near campus and had to be rescued, police said Tuesday....

US judge: Renowned artist didn't create disputed painting
CHICAGO (AP) -- A U.S. judge said Tuesday that a celebrated artist was right when he insisted he didn't paint a work now owned by a retired prison worker, a finding that likely ensures the piece will now be worth a fraction of the previous estimated value of $10 million or more....

Howard Johnson's restaurant to close, leaving only 1 more
AP Photo
BANGOR, Maine (AP) -- The closing of one of the last two Howard Johnson restaurants in a couple of weeks will mark the end of its fried clam strips, ice cream and other menu staples that nourished baby boomers and leave the once-proud restaurant chain teetering on the brink of extinction....