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AP Top Strange News at 6:16 p.m. EST

Raccoons recover at California zoo after cross-country ride
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- Baby raccoons that inadvertently hitched a cross-country ride to Northern California are recovering at the Oakland Zoo....

Driver clocked at 91 mph in snowstorm wanted new car stereo
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- New Hampshire State Police say a driver clocked at 91 mph during a snowstorm said she was late for an appointment to have a new car stereo installed....

Montana beekeeper stung by beehive thieves in California
AP Photo
GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) -- A Montana beekeeper says thieves got away with 488 beehives he had taken to California to pollinate almond trees....

Foreclosed mall once valued at $190M is auctioned for $100
AP Photo
TARENTUM, Pa. (AP) -- A Pennsylvania mall that was foreclosed on after its owners failed to repay $143 million has been auctioned off for $100....

Addictive post: Police say men advertised heroin on Facebook
ATLANTA (AP) -- Federal prosecutors say four men who advertised heroin for sale on Facebook have been convicted of conspiracy to deal drugs in Atlanta....

Jail time for Massachusetts women who bit off officer's ear
SALEM, Mass. (AP) -- A Massachusetts woman who bit off a portion of a rookie police officer's ear during her arrest outside a bar has been sentenced to four years in jail....

Policeman rescues injured owl in road; 2nd time in 3 months
WHATELY, Mass. (AP) -- A Massachusetts police sergeant is being credited with rescuing an injured owl for the second time in three months....

Coffee and a slice? 7-Eleven launches breakfast pizza
AP Photo
IRVING, Texas (AP) -- 7-Eleven is offering a breakfast pizza....

Video of giant alligator draws crowds to Florida preserve
LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) -- Video of a massive alligator caught walking through a Florida nature reserve in front of stunned onlookers has prompted crowds of people hoping to catch their own glimpse....