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The Associated Press
AP Top Strange News at 6:13 p.m. EDT

Looking out for No. 2: Dogs sniff out fecal pollution
AP Photo
FAIR HAVEN, N.J. (AP) -- Some specially trained dogs are helping humans curb themselves....

Old mental institution attracts filmmakers and the curious
AP Photo
MANSFIELD, Conn. (AP) -- They have heard the stories of floating orbs and disembodied voices, and officials at the University of Connecticut say they really shouldn't have to tell people that the abandoned mental institution the school owns is not actually haunted....

Police: RV containing pot-laced candy catches fire on bridge
PENNSVILLE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) -- Police say a pot advocacy company's RV carrying marijuana-laced candy burst into flames on a bridge that connects New Jersey and Delaware, causing lane closures and tying up traffic for hours....

Eli Manning denies yelling 'Trump' to signal audible
LONDON (AP) -- Eli Manning says he wasn't using Donald Trump's name in order to signal an audible during the New York Giants' victory over the Los Angeles Rams in London on Sunday....

Police: Man dressed as tree arrested for blocking traffic
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- Police say they've arrested a man dressed as a tree for blocking traffic in Maine....

Police: Man thanks trooper in letter after speeding ticket
EWING TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) -- New Jersey State Police say the general manager of a company that operates radio stations complimented a trooper in a letter after he was ticketed for speeding....

Move along, Bozo: Mississippi county bans clowns for now
DEKALB, Miss. (AP) -- A Mississippi county has had enough of the creepy clown craze, at least until after Halloween....

94-year-old who has been fire chief since 1953 is retiring
GREENSBURG, Pa. (AP) -- A Pennsylvania fire chief is announcing his retirement just ahead of his 95th birthday....

Yoga pants parade to protest man's comments on women's wear
BARRINGTON, R.I. (AP) -- Women clad in yoga pants plan to parade through a coastal Rhode Island town in protest of a man who said the attire looks tacky and ridiculous....