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The Latest: Evacuation order remains after levee breach
AP Photo
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- The Latest on the storms in California (all times local):...

Creeks, rivers top banks after latest California storm
AP Photo
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Creeks and rivers topped their banks, hundreds of homes were evacuated and several thousand people found themselves trapped in a rural hamlet as Northern California emerged Tuesday from yet another winter storm....

Storms, tornadoes damage dozens of homes in San Antonio area
SAN ANTONIO (AP) -- Severe storms that pushed several tornadoes through parts of Central Texas ripped the roofs from homes and damaged dozens of other houses and apartments in San Antonio and toppled auto-carrier cars of a freight train near Austin, authorities said Monday....

Iran blames sandstorm on Iraq after protests over power cuts
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iranian authorities on Monday blamed neighboring Iraq for a sandstorm that knocked out power in an oil-rich southern province and sparked protests against local officials....

Tropical cyclone kills 7 in southern Mozambique
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- Officials in Mozambique say seven people died and thousands of homes were destroyed in a tropical cyclone....

Texas woman, 2 children pulled from rubble left by tornado
VAN VLECK, Texas (AP) -- Residents of a coastal area southwest of Houston are cleaning up debris after at least six tornadoes left a swath of damaged buildings....

Ex-Sandinista says Nicaragua's ruling party persecuting him
AP Photo
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- A Roman Catholic priest and noted poet who once served in Nicaragua's Sandinista government is claiming that the party is persecuting him, after he was hit with an $800,000 judgment in a lawsuit....

Chris Christie signs bill to stop Sandy-related foreclosures
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation Friday aimed at preventing mortgage foreclosures on houses damaged by Superstorm Sandy but not before he derided lawmakers over the measure's wording and possible effects....

The Latest: NASA: New Orleans facility closed after tornado
AP Photo
NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The Latest on severe weather on the Gulf Coast (all times local):...

AP Photo

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