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Ana downgraded to tropical storm; Hawaii relaxes
AP Photo
HONOLULU (AP) -- Hawaii residents started to relax Sunday after days of keeping a cautious eye on Hurricane Ana, which was downgraded by late afternoon into a tropical storm....

Gonzalo deals glancing blow to Newfoundland
AP Photo
ST. JOHNS, Newfoundland (AP) -- Hurricane Gonzalo struck a glancing blow to Newfoundland before racing out into the North Atlantic Sunday after earlier battering Bermuda without causing any deaths or serious injuries....

Bid to halt NY dune project over bird denied
BAY SHORE, N.Y. (AP) -- A New York federal judge has denied a conservationist group's bid to block part of a Fire Island sand-dune project over an endangered bird....

Key facts about hurricane heading toward Hawaii
AP Photo
HONOLULU (AP) -- Residents on Hawaii's southernmost island already dealt with one tropical storm this year and are coping with the threat of slowly encroaching lava. Now, meteorologists say a potential hurricane is heading toward them and the rest of the island chain....

Storms blamed for 2 deaths sweep across the South
AP Photo
ATLANTA (AP) -- A severe storm system roughed up much of the South for a second day Tuesday, knocking out power to tens of thousands as it snarled morning commutes and kept many under a tornado watch....

Hurricane Gonzalo strengthens in Caribbean
ST. JOHN'S, Antigua (AP) -- Hurricane Gonzalo formed Monday in the Caribbean and was on course to move out over open ocean after buffeting Antigua and nearby islands with heavy rain and dangerous wind....

Workers clear debris after Indian cyclone kills 24
AP Photo
HYDERABAD, India (AP) -- Rescue workers and soldiers cleared uprooted trees and electrical poles blocking roads in eastern India after a tropical cyclone killed at least 24 people and demolished tens of thousands of mud huts. In Japan, a tropical storm killed at least one person and injured 75 before heading out to sea Tuesday morning....

Tropical system could become hurricane, hit Hawaii
HONOLULU (AP) -- A tropical depression is on track to become a hurricane and could hit Hawaii's Big Island later this week....

Eastern India on high alert for massive cyclone
AP Photo
HYDERABAD, India (AP) -- Heavy rains and gusting winds are ripping through a large swath of India's eastern seaboard, uprooting trees and snapping power cables as a powerful cyclone sweeps through the Bay of Bengal....

Strong typhoon batters Japan; 35 hurt
AP Photo
TOKYO (AP) -- A powerful typhoon poured heavy rains over Japan's southern island of Okinawa and was aiming at the next island of Kyushu on Sunday, becoming the second severe storm to hit in a week....

AP Photo

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