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South Carolina cleans up, but worries remain amid floods
AP Photo
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- The family of Miss South Carolina 1954 found her flood-soaked pageant scrapbook on a dining room floor littered with dead fish on Tuesday, as the first sunny day in nearly two weeks provided a chance to clean up from historic floods....

The Latest: Crews work to restore city's water system
AP Photo
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- The latest on the rainstorm that pounded parts of the East Coast (all times local):...

After past opposition, SC delegation now seeks flood aid
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- South Carolina's congressional delegation is vowing to make sure the state gets federal help to recover from the historic flooding from massive rains....

Health concerns abound in aftermath of flooding
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Many areas in South Carolina's capital city - a metropolitan area home to more than 800,000 - have been covered by record amounts of water this week in historic flooding. The rain subsided, but as families returned to their homes to assess damage, officials warned them about health-related problems, too....

Hurricane Joaquin moving over open Atlantic away from land
MIAMI (AP) -- Hurricane Joaquin (wah-KEEN') is moving over the open Atlantic far away from land....

The Latest: Hurricane Joaquin moving away from Bermuda
MIAMI (AP) -- The latest on Hurricane Joaquin in the Atlantic Ocean (all times EDT):...

Stories of survival emerge from East Coast rainstorm
AP Photo
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Relentless rains and floodwaters brought much of South Carolina to a standstill. Thousands warily watched rising creeks, others had to be rescued after water spilled into their homes. Still others helped save neighbors. The following are vignettes from people in the storm:...

Typhoon roars into south China, killing 9
BEIJING (AP) -- Authorities in China and the Philippines said Monday that a typhoon that tore through the northern Philippines before roaring ashore in southern China has killed at least nine people and left dozens of fishermen missing....

Bermuda starting to feel the effects of Hurricane Joaquin
HAMILTON, Bermuda (AP) -- Bermuda was bracing on Sunday for Hurricane Joaquin, which was tracking northward toward the wealthy financial haven and tourist destination after plowing through the Bahamas....

Recent storms causing produce shortages in Hawaii
HONOLULU (AP) -- For the first time in 24 years of business, Honolulu's Taiyo Ramen can't offer its popular kim chee....

AP Photo

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