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AP Top Science News At 6:30 p.m. EST

Poll shows giant gap between what public, scientists think
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The American public and U.S. scientists are light-years apart on science issues. And 98 percent of surveyed scientists say it's a problem that we don't know what they're talking about....

Most of Hawaii's coral recover from mass bleaching
AP Photo
HONOLULU (AP) -- Coral rely on algae for food and their survival....

Charles Townes, who helped invent now-ubiquitous laser, dies
AP Photo
BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) -- Charles H. Townes' inspiration for the predecessor of the laser came to him while sitting on a park bench, waiting for a restaurant to open for breakfast....

Dinosaur no more: UK museum's Dippy to be retired in 2017
LONDON (AP) -- Dippy the dinosaur is being retired from London's Natural History Museum - and his fans aren't happy....

'Anonymized' credit card data not so anonymous, study shows
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Credit card data isn't quite as anonymous as promised, a new study says....

NASA moisture satellite launch scrubbed due to winds
VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) -- NASA has scrubbed the launch of an Earth-observing satellite because of wind conditions over California....

Myanmar tallies 1,114 bird species, 20 previously unrecorded
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) -- An extensive survey of birds in Myanmar has revealed nearly two dozen not known to have existed in the country, including a large black seabird with a ballooning red neck sack and a tiny black and white falconet with a surprised, panda-like expression....

Ancient Israeli skull may document migration from Africa
NEW YORK (AP) -- Long ago, humans left their evolutionary cradle in Africa and passed through the Middle East on their way to Europe. Now scientists have found the first fossil remains that appear to document that journey, a partial skull from an Israeli cave....

Tape: Scientist offers to build nuke bomb targeting New York
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- A disgruntled, former Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist promised to build 40 nuclear weapons for Venezuela in 10 years and design a bomb targeted for New York City in exchange for "money and power," according to secret FBI recordings released Wednesday....

Where did the snow go? Blizzard was a miss, but not a bust
In the wild world of winter weather, location is everything, which New York and Massachusetts learned too well Tuesday....