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The Associated Press
AP Top Science News at 2:50 p.m. EST

After Paris attacks, increased resolve for UN climate talks
AP Photo
PARIS (AP) -- Still gripped by shock and grief, Paris will play host to a long-awaited U.N. climate conference under tragic circumstances that none could have foreseen....

Arkansas a refuge from rising seas in Marshall Islands
AP Photo
MAJURO ATOLL, Marshall Islands (AP) -- Valentino Keimbar hides from the intense heat in the shade of a breadfruit tree, waiting for his basketball game to begin. It was supposed to start a couple of hours ago, maybe three, but time matters little here on the Marshall Islands....

Tiny Marshall Islands face threats from global warming
AP Photo
MAJURO, Marshall Islands (AP) -- ATOLLS AT RISK...

Presidential contenders differ sharply on climate,
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders calls climate change the greatest threat to national security. Front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton promises to install more than 500 million solar panels across the country....

Noted oceanographer John Knauss dies at 90
NARRAGANSETT, R.I. (AP) -- A former administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration whose work is credited with highlighting the fragility of the world's oceans, has died. John A. Knauss was 90....

Japan announces $10.6 billion in climate financing for 2020
TOKYO (AP) -- Gearing up for global warming talks in Paris next week, Japan said Thursday it plans to provide 1.3 trillion yen ($10.6 billion) in climate financing a year for developing countries from 2020, including public and private funds....

South Africa moves closer to legal trade in rhino horns
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- A South African court on Thursday opened the way to allowing local trade in rhino horns, alarming some conservationists who warned the ruling leaves rhinos even more vulnerable to poachers who are slaughtering them in record numbers....

Feds plan new guidelines on toxic algae in lakes, rivers
TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) -- New national guidelines are being developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to protect swimmers and kayakers from the growing threats posed by toxic algae in lakes and rivers....

AP FACT CHECK: On climate science, most GOP candidates fail
WASHINGTON (AP) -- When it comes to climate science, two of the three Democratic presidential candidates are 'A' students, while most of the Republican contenders are flunking, according to a panel of scientists who reviewed candidates' comments....