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AP Top Political News at 4:10 a.m. EDT

Clinton, Warren meet for first 2016 campaign event
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In December, thirteen of the 14 Democratic women serving in the U.S. Senate hosted a fundraiser for their favorite primary candidate: Hillary Clinton. The one who didn't show? Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren....

Supreme Court set to close out current term with 3 big cases
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court is set to close out its current term with opinions Monday in three remaining cases after a flurry of decisions last week....

Similar frustrations for Trump and Brexit voters
MAYBOLE, Scotland (AP) -- At the heart of the campaign that led Britain to vote to leave the European Union was a desire to regain independence lost amid a globalized world. It's the same kind of feeling that Donald Trump rode to become the presumptive Republican nominee in the U.S., where he campaigns to put "America first" and "make America great again."...

Owners defend their choice of AR-style firearms
ATLANTA (AP) -- Karen Butler still remembers the first time she picked up an AR-15-style rifle a decade ago....

Netanyahu lauds benefits of normalizing ties with Turkey
ROME (AP) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that his nation's agreement with Turkey to normalize ties will have "immense" implications for the Israeli economy....

Odd couple: Campaign chiefs push to unite Democratic Party
WASHINGTON (AP) -- It seemed like a surprising party of two....

Trump camp scrambles to shape up before GOP convention
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Republicans are sprinting to shape up Donald Trump's presidential campaign before the party's national convention in three weeks, even as leading members of the party carry a deep antipathy or outright opposition to his claim on the GOP nomination....

Report: It's harder to know who's paying for political ads
It's getting harder to know who is funding political advertising at the state level as more money becomes anonymous or is filtered from one political action committee to another, a new study finds....

Melted dreams: Art installation to vanish during conventions
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- "The American Dream" will melt away during the Republican and Democratic national conventions....

Kerry urges Britain, EU to manage their divorce responsibly
ROME (AP) -- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday urged Britain and the European Union to manage their divorce responsibly for the sake of global markets and citizens, a day before he was to become the first senior American official to visit London and Brussels since the United Kingdom's historic referendum....

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Owners defend their choice of AR-style firearms

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Report: It's harder to know who's paying for political ads

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