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AP Top Political News at 4:33 a.m. EST

Trump, Sanders look to emerge from New Hampshire with wins
MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) -- Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders hope to emerge from New Hampshire's primary Tuesday with their first wins of the 2016 presidential election, victories that would lend needed credibility to the unexpected contenders' pursuit of their parties' nomination....

Primary puts values of retail campaigning to the test
MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) -- Donald Trump upended the traditions of New Hampshire campaigning when he opted for mega-rallies over living room conversations and diner stops, spending less time in the first primary state than any of his rivals. Yet the businessman goes into the state's Tuesday primary with the hope of clinching his first win....

AP News Guide: Snowy New Hampshire has its say in 2016 race
MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) -- You may have heard about the establishment lane in the 2016 presidential campaign, the outsider lane and more. What the Republican candidates really want from the New Hampshire primary is an express lane out of the traffic jam that is the GOP contest....

WATCHING TUESDAY: NH existential test for Trump's candidacy
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Which candidate is 'the best,' who's the most experienced, who's a revolutionary and who's a robot?...

Sanders, Kasich win 1st votes in tiny NH community
DIXVILLE, N.H. (AP) -- Bernie Sanders and John Kasich picked up the most votes as the first ballots of the first-in-the-nation primary were cast early Tuesday....

Next up: New Hampshire set to vote in nation's first primary
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- It's been 100 years since New Hampshire held its first presidential primary, and it seems like some of the current candidates have been hanging around for nearly that long. More than a few started popping up a full two years before Tuesday's state election, and nearly all have spent recent months hosting town hall meetings, holding rallies and meeting voters....

Obama asking Congress for emergency funding to combat Zika
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is asking Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the Zika virus and the mosquitoes that spread it here and abroad, but says "there shouldn't be a panic on this."...

Obama to release $4 trillion-plus budget for 2017
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama is unveiling his eighth and final budget, a $4 trillion-plus proposal that's freighted with liberal policy initiatives and new and familiar tax hikes - all sent to a dismissive Republican-controlled Congress that simply wants to move on from his presidency....

Iraqi woman charged with role in Kayla Mueller's death
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The wife of a senior Islamic State leader who was killed in a U.S. raid last year has been charged in federal court with holding American Kayla Mueller hostage and with contributing to the aid worker's death, the Justice Department says....

US responses to NKorea nuke, missile tests will upset China
WASHINGTON (AP) -- North Korean nuclear and rocket tests are drawing quick responses from the U.S. that will upset a supposed partner against Pyongyang's weapons development - China....

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Obama to release $4 trillion-plus budget for 2017

US responses to NKorea nuke, missile tests will upset China

US faces shortcomings in coalition-building for anti-IS war

Attorney General to visit 6 cities to highlight police work

Arizona panel OKs tax credit for concealed carry permit

Judge again denies Texas' efforts to block Syrian refugees

After ugly first year, Illinois' governor says stay tuned

In these times, political catchword is certainty