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AP Top Political News At 10:21 p.m. EDT

Trump's call for mass deportations runs into messy realities
NEW YORK (AP) -- In one of his first forays into policy as a presidential candidate, Republican Donald Trump calls for the deportation of all 11 million people estimated to be living in the country illegally while allowing the "really good people" to return....

Congress heading on vacation, putting off messy decisions
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congress is heading out for a five-week summer recess in anything but a cheerful vacation mood, leaving behind a pile of unfinished business that all but guarantees a painful fall....

Congress passes 3-month highway, transit aid patch
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Congress sent President Barack Obama a three-month bill to keep highway and transit money flowing to states on Thursday, one day before the deadline for a cutoff of funds....

4 Democrats get behind Obama's Iran nuclear deal
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Four Democrats, including one who represents an American hostage in Iran, said Thursday they would support the Iran nuclear deal in a major boost for President Barack Obama....

Clinton charity donors surge amid Hillary Clinton's campaign
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A new list of donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation shows a marked surge in donations and the numbers of contributors to the family charity in the first half of this year - at the same time that Hillary Rodham Clinton ramped up her campaign for the presidency....

US fine-tunes sanctions on Russia over Ukraine
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration moved Thursday to update and fine-tune sanctions on Russia, pro-Russian companies and people over the conflict in Ukraine....

Health law's nonprofit insurance co-ops awash in red ink
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Fed up with the insurance industry, Democrats used the health care overhaul to create nonprofit co-ops that would compete with the corporations. Now a government audit finds co-ops are awash in red ink....

US judge rejects legal challenge from Guantanamo detainee
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A federal judge on Thursday rejected a legal challenge from a Guantanamo Bay detainee who said his imprisonment was unlawful now that President Barack Obama has declared an end to hostilities in Afghanistan....

Meeting unions, Clinton offers support for $12 minimum wage
SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) -- Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday offered some support for a proposal in the Senate that would raise the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour, hinting that the higher rate sought by labor unions doesn't have enough support....

Bush calls courtship of minority voters integral to campaign
ORLANDO, Florida (AP) -- Following his own advice, Jeb Bush is taking his presidential campaign to the neighborhoods and churches where Hispanics and African Americans live and worship in an effort to broaden his appeal among minority voters....

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US fine-tunes sanctions on Russia over Ukraine

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4 Democrats get behind Obama's Iran nuclear deal

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