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AP Top Political News At 3:20 a.m. EDT

Secret Service head faces questions on WH breach
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Most Washington scandals that end up on Capitol Hill tend to end the same way: with an apology....

Obama goal of Gitmo closure stalled at Pentagon
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The transfer of prisoners out of Guantanamo Bay has ground to a halt amid a slow Pentagon approval process, causing deep frustration within the administration and raising doubts that President Barack Obama will be able to fulfill his campaign promise to close the offshore prison for terrorism suspects....

Sen. Harry Reid playing major role in Senate races
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has twice won elections he was supposed to lose. If Democrats maintain control of the Senate in November, much of the credit will go to the wily Nevada Democrat....

3rd-graders face high-stakes reading targets
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- The games, ice cream and play rehearsals that 9-year-old Joshua Rowell experienced during summer school this year weren't just for fun....

Obama, Modi to put upbeat face on US-India ties
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama and India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi are trying to put an optimistic face on the future of relations between India and the United States, amid lingering concerns that the close ties the two democracies once enjoyed have lost their luster....

Gov't to reveal drug company payments to doctors
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Striving to shine a light on potential ethical conflicts in medicine, the Obama administration is releasing data on drug company payments to tens of thousands of individual doctors....

Eying 2016, Rand Paul courts young voters
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is working to improve the Republican Party's image among young voters as he visits South Carolina, a key state in the presidential primary calendar....

Ferguson demands high fees to turn over city files
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Officials in Ferguson, Missouri, are charging nearly 10 times the cost of some of their own employees' salaries before they will agree to turn over files under public records laws about the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown....

McConnell's backers spend millions in Kentucky
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -- Two groups with close ties to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell are on track to spend nearly $20 million on television advertisements to sway Kentucky voters, a staggering amount for a single race that stands as a textbook example of the use of outside money in a tight contest....

Obama efforts to oust Assad pushed to back burner
WASHINGTON (AP) -- By President Barack Obama's own admission, U.S. efforts to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad have been pushed to the back burner by a bombing campaign against Islamic State militants that could ultimately help him stay in power....

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Obama, Modi to put upbeat face on US-India ties

Secret Service head faces questions on WH breach

Obama goal of Gitmo closure stalled at Pentagon

3rd-graders face high-stakes reading targets

Ferguson demands high fees to turn over city files

Dominion natural gas exports plan gets federal OK

Christie, Michelle Obama campaign in Wisconsin

Judge excuses indicted Perry from next court date

Federal court: Walker campaign probe a state issue