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AP Top Political News At 11 a.m. EST

Can GOP shatter 'Obama coalition' in 2016?
ATLANTA (AP) -- Republicans crowed in 2004 that freshly re-elected President George W. Bush had established a "permanent governing majority" for the GOP. Eight years later, Democrats were touting the enduring power of the "Obama coalition" to keep their party in the White House....

Americans appear comfortable with political dynasties
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Again? Really?...

Obama personal chef to hang up apron after 6 years
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Political advisers, chiefs of staff, press secretaries and national security advisers have come and gone in the nearly six years Barack Obama has been president. Now, the White House chef is also waving goodbye....

Army data shows rarity of desertion prosecutions
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. Army has prosecuted about 1,900 cases of desertion since 2001, despite tens of thousands of soldiers fleeing the service in the face of deadly combat, long and multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan and strains on military families....

Interrogation program mismanaged, Senate, CIA agree
WASHINGTON (AP) -- While the Senate report on the CIA's interrogation program and the spy agency's official response clash on almost every aspect of the long-secret operation, both reports largely agree the agency mismanaged the now-shuttered program....

Ex-President George H.W. Bush to stay hospitalized
HOUSTON (AP) -- Former President George H.W. Bush will remain overnight Wednesday in a Houston hospital where he was taken after experiencing shortness of breath, a family spokesman said....

Firm recalls caramel apples amid listeria fears
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A Missouri firm is recalling its Happy Apple brand caramel apples because of the potential that they could be contaminated with listeria. The recall comes after at least three deaths and at least 29 illnesses in 10 states have been linked to an outbreak of the deadly bacteria....

Obama tees off in Hawaii with Malaysian leader
KANEOHE BAY, Hawaii (AP) -- What do two world leaders do when they find themselves on the same Hawaiian island on Christmas Eve? If you're President Barack Obama and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, you round up a few aides and make common cause on the golf course....

GPS used to track some immigrants caught at border
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Homeland Security Department is experimenting with a new way to track immigrant families caught crossing the border illegally and then released into the U.S.: GPS-enabled ankle bracelets....

Who hacked Sony becomes Internet's new mystery
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Everyone has a theory about who really hacked Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc....

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Obama personal chef to hang up apron after 6 years

Obama tees off in Hawaii with Malaysian leader

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Can GOP shatter 'Obama coalition' in 2016?

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