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White House grapples with fraught terrorism language
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Twice this month, the White House has publicly grappled with the politically fraught language of terrorism....

White House: Science indicates parents should vaccinate kids
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Amid the measles outbreak stemming from California, the White House is telling parents that science indicates they should vaccinate their children....

Cuba's Los Van Van on the go, coming to once-hostile Miami
MIAMI BEACH, Florida (AP) -- Los Van Van, one of Cuba's greatest dance bands, once made history of a sort just by playing in Miami, overcoming city attempts to ban the concert and braving thousands of enraged protesters to put on a concert in the heart of anti-Castro activism....

Romney not running: Former GOP nominee out of 2016 race
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Mitt Romney ended his rollercoaster return to presidential politics on Friday, declaring his party would be better served by the "next generation of Republican leaders" and concluding his unlikely comeback as suddenly as it began....

US-backed Mexico dam project triggered protest, rare defeat
SANTA URSULA, Mexico (AP) -- People in the hamlet of Santa Ursula began to worry when the logging started. In a few short weeks, more than a mile of densely forested riverbank was stripped from the Arroyo Sal to make way for heavy dredging equipment....

Wisconsin Gov. Walker previews likely White House theme
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Criticizing Washington as a city of power-hungry elites, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Friday offered a preview of his likely White House message between private job interviews with those looking to help his expected presidential campaign....

US-backed Mexico dam project triggered protest, rare defeat
SANTA URSULA, Mexico (AP) -- When the U.S. government backed construction of a new hydroelectric plant in southwestern Mexico, residents rose up and defeated a three-year, $30 million project supported by the little-known Overseas Private Investment Corp. in Washington....

5 things to know before Obama rolls out his budget Monday
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A quick quiz:...

US to provide privacy group with memo on surveillance
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Justice Department has agreed to turn over a legal opinion regarding government surveillance and census data after a years-long court fight with a privacy group....

Obama, Dalai Lama set to attend National Prayer Breakfast
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama will be at the National Prayer Breakfast next week in Washington, the first time the two men have been together in nearly a year....

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White House grapples with fraught terrorism language

Obama, Dalai Lama set to attend National Prayer Breakfast

US says Islamic State militant killed in Iraq

US mulls Middle East-North Africa category for 2020 census

Kansas tax collections $47M short of expectations in January

NY Speaker Silver resigns as field to replace him drops to 2

Governors associations top list of biggest state-race donors

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