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Welcome to the Trump-Clinton conspiracy election
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It's a conspiracy: The 2016 campaign features one candidate who warned against the "vast right-wing conspiracy" and another who was a leader of the so-called "birther" movement....

AP-NORC Poll: Gender matters, but does it hurt or help?
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- There's no "glass ceiling" keeping a woman from the presidential nomination anymore, but most Americans still think Hillary Clinton's gender will influence the November election. They're just divided on whether it's more of a curse than a blessing....

US pursues Syria cooperation with Russia amid new volatility
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration is launching a fresh bid to enlist Russia as a partner in Syria despite more than a month of dashed hopes as the situation on the ground becomes more volatile and uncertain with the introduction of Turkish ground forces....

Leader of British movement to leave EU joins Trump at rally
JACKSON, Mississippi (AP) -- Donald Trump is linking his "movement to take back the country" to Britain's surprising vote to leave the European Union....

Clinton defends foundation, says it has been transparent
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Clinton defended her family's charitable foundation on Wednesday against criticism from Donald Trump, saying it had provided more transparency than her Republican rival's sprawling business interests....

WASHINGTON (AP) -- THE ISSUE: In this angry election year, many American voters are deeply skeptical about free trade - or downright hostile to it....

Clinton sees Trump ties to 'alt-right' dystopian ideology
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Clinton is ready to call out Donald Trump and his advisers for embracing a "disturbing alt-right" political philosophy that her campaign says presents "a divisive and dystopian view of America."...

Bill Clinton defends embattled family foundation
ATLANTA (AP) -- Former President Bill Clinton says he's proud of people who have donated to the Clinton Foundation and the work the organization has done, as he waded into a dispute that Republicans are hoping will damage his wife's presidential campaign....

Before debates, Clinton aims to keep Trump expectations high
WASHINGTON (AP) -- By virtue of her long political resume, Hillary Clinton will enter her highly anticipated fall debates with Donald Trump facing the same kind of heightened expectations that often saddle an incumbent president. Trump, as the political newcomer, will be more of a wild card with a lower bar to clear....

Clinton's Gold Rush: $18 million raised on three-day swing
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) -- Hillary Clinton mingled with Hall of Fame basketball player Magic Johnson and Apple CEO Tim Cook, vamped in a photo booth with actor Justin Timberlake and dined with some of California's richest families on what was likely the most lucrative fundraising swing of her presidential campaign....

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US pursues Syria cooperation with Russia amid new volatility

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