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Kerry, Iran FM hold nuke talks in NY as Senate weighs move
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Obama administration moved on two fronts Monday to advance its nuclear diplomacy with Iran, with talks between top U.S. and Iranian diplomats and an aggressive effort to sell the emerging deal to skeptical American lawmakers and constituencies....

In US-Japan talks, China is the elephant in the room
WASHINGTON (AP) -- When President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meet on Tuesday, a major subtext of their discussions will be the world leader not in the room - Chinese President Xi Jinping....

Kerry: Will urge Iran FM to push Yemen rebels to talks
NEW YORK (AP) -- Secretary of State John Kerry says he will use a meeting with his Iranian counterpart to urge Iran to push the Shiite rebels it supports in Yemen back to the negotiating table....

Murray, mom in tennis shoes in '92, stands her ground
WASHINGTON (AP) -- There's a disturbance in the force of the tradition-bound Senate and her name is Patty Murray....

Capitol Hill Buzz: Dems push higher pay for Senate workers
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Reports about a Senate cafeteria worker who makes so little money he is homeless are prompting calls for change from Democrats on Capitol Hill....

Rand Paul faces tough questions from Orthodox Jewish crowd
NEW YORK (AP) -- Looking to woo New York's Orthodox Jewish community, Republican presidential contender Rand Paul faced tough questions Monday about his support for Israel and his approach to foreign policy in the Middle East....

Loretta Lynch sworn in as new US attorney general
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Loretta Lynch was sworn in Monday as the 83rd U.S. attorney general, the first African-American woman to serve as the nation's top law enforcement official....

GOP defense budget challenges Obama on Ukraine, Guantanamo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The GOP chairman of the House Armed Service Committee on Monday recommended a $604 billion defense budget for 2016 that challenges the White House because it includes lethal weapons for Ukraine, makes it harder for the president to empty the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay and restores funding for the A-10 fleet....

Court weighs excessive force against inmates awaiting trial
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Amid a growing national debate over police use of force, the Supreme Court struggled Monday with a related question of claims of excessive force against jail officials by people who are accused but not yet convicted of crimes....

Bush donors see him lay out contours of 2016 campaign
MIAMI BEACH, Florida (AP) -- Jeb Bush's super PAC is raising eye-popping sums in a multi-pronged effort to define the former Florida governor for Republican presidential primary voters before his rivals can, donors say....

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Loretta Lynch sworn in as new US attorney general

Kerry, Iran FM hold nuke talks in NY as Senate weighs move

In US-Japan talks, China is the elephant in the room

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