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Inboxes overflow as 2016ers amp up email appeals for cash
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Clinton has a dinner invite for you. Jeb Bush is out to make a big splash. Rick Santorum wants to scare the heck out of you. Ted Cruz is looking for a sacrifice. Lincoln Chaffee wants to be your pal....

Everybody's got an angle for raising campaign cash
WASHINGTON (AP) -- When it comes to raising money by email, everybody's got an angle. Some of the "ask" strategies being employed by the 2016 presidential candidates:...

Christie back at high school to announce 2016 run
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who spent three years as president of his high school class, is returning to his alma mater to announce he's running for president of his country....

More overtime on the way? Obama proposes broader coverage
WASHINGTON (AP) -- They're called managers, and they sometimes work grueling schedules at fast food chains and retail stores. But with no overtime eligibility, their pay may be lower per hour than many workers they supervise....

After mercury ruling, higher scrutiny of Obama climate rules
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sweeping pollution limits at the center of President Barack Obama's climate change plan are facing increased scrutiny in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that showed that the justices aren't afraid to thwart perceived overreach by Obama or his Environmental Protection Agency....

Iran's FM returns to nuke talks amid signs of backtracking
VIENNA (AP) -- Iran's foreign minister returned to the nuclear talks in Vienna where negotiators are struggling to overcome still significant differences and preparing to work through Tuesday's self-imposed deadline for a deal....

Questions and answers about the expiring Export-Import Bank
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Export-Import Bank expires Tuesday at midnight for the first time since the small federal agency was created during the Depression to help U.S. businesses export their products. Congress failed to renew the bank's charter because of opposition from Republicans who say it amounts to corporate welfare. However, the shutdown may end up being only temporary....

Court ruling spurs backers' hopes for redistricting changes
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Groups trying to curb the partisan sculpting of House districts are hoping their Supreme Court victory will prompt more states to create independent commissions to redraw congressional lines....

Oklahoma, Florida move quickly to resume lethal injections
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Oklahoma and Florida moved quickly to resume lethal injections after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the use of midazolam, a sedative that has been used in several problematic executions....

The Iran deal: A look at what it does and problems remaining
VIENNA (AP) -- World powers and Iran are back in nuclear talks, and this round may be the deciding one....

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Iran's FM returns to nuke talks amid signs of backtracking

The Iran deal: A look at what it does and problems remaining

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Questions and answers about the expiring Export-Import Bank

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