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Israeli family discovers ancient treasure under living room
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli authorities said Wednesday they have identified a rare, well-preserved 2,000-year-old Jewish ritual bath hidden under the floorboards of a home in Jerusalem....

Israel arrests dozens of Hamas operatives in West Bank
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's internal security service says it arrested 40 Hamas operatives working to expand the militant Islamic group's reach in the West Bank....

Mural of rainbow flag sparks rare Palestinian debate on gays
AP Photo
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) -- A Palestinian artist whose mural of a rainbow flag on Israel's West Bank separation barrier was whitewashed by anti-gay protesters says his work sparked a rare debate among Palestinians about gay rights....

Food aid to Syrian refugees cut in half amid funding crisis
AMMAN, Jordan (AP) -- The World Food Program says it had to cut in half food aid for Syrian refugees in Lebanon because of a funding crisis and may soon have to halt all food support for most refugees in Jordan....

Sectarian shooting wounds 7 people south of Lebanese capital
BEIRUT (AP) -- Supporters of rival Lebanese factions clashed early on Wednesday in a coastal town south of Beirut, leaving several people wounded, the country's state news agency and a security official said....

Abbas removes long-time critic from No. 2 position in PLO
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) -- An official says Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has fired a long-time critic from the No. 2 job in the Palestine Liberation Organization in what is seen as his latest move to sideline potential rivals....

Israeli court rules Kafka works to go to National Library
JERUSALEM (AP) -- An Israeli court has stripped an Israeli family of a collection of Franz Kafka manuscripts, ruling that they be transferred to the country's National Library....

State Dept: Trade bill can't defend Israel's territories
WASHINGTON (AP) -- One day after President Barack Obama signed hard-fought trade legislation, his administration took issue with language meant to discourage boycotts of Israel....

UCC church to divest over Israeli treatment of Palestinians
NEW YORK (AP) -- The top legislative body of the United Church of Christ voted Tuesday to divest from companies with business in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, in a sign of the growing momentum of a U.S. protest movement against Israeli policy....

Israel deports Gaza flotilla activists
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel has deported a group of pro-Palestinian activists, including a former Tunisian president, who tried to breach its naval blockade of the Gaza Strip....