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Israel appoints new head of Shin Bet security agency
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel has appointed a new head of its shadowy Shin Bet internal security agency....

Poverty scholar among 9 winners of Israeli foundation prize
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Leading poverty scholar Anthony Atkinson is among the winners of this year's Dan David Prize for scientific, technological and cultural accomplishments....

Ex-employee of Israeli PM wins abuse case
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife mistreated and abused a former member of her housekeeping staff, a court ruled Wednesday, awarding the man $42,000 in damages in a decision that dealt an embarrassing blow to the country's first family....

Health ministry: Palestinian, 16, dies in West Bank clashes
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Palestinian health officials say a 16-year-old has died in clashes with Israeli forces in the southern West Bank....

Palestinian doctor aims to boost West Bank medical services
AP Photo
NABLUS, West Bank (AP) -- After Dr. Saleem Haj-Yahia performed the first-ever successful artificial heart transplant in the West Bank last month he was greeted with flowers, balloons and cheering crowds and publicly praised by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas....

Israel: Palestinians use UN chief's words for 'terror'
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- Israel's U.N. ambassador on Monday said the Palestinian leadership has started using recent statements by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon "to justify deplorable acts of terror," and he called on the U.N. chief to withdraw them....

Israeli parliament suspends Arab MPs who met attackers' kin
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's government on Monday temporarily suspended from parliamentary meetings three Arab lawmakers who met with families of Palestinians who carried out deadly attacks....

Islamic authority rejects new Jerusalem Jewish prayer area
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Islamic authority that oversees a sensitive Jerusalem holy site says it opposes a new prayer area for non-Orthodox Jews at the adjacent Western Wall....

Official: spy was in Lebanon to help kidnapped Czech
PRAGUE (AP) -- The Czech defense minister says a military spy who was among five Czechs returned Thursday from Lebanon was seeking information about a fellow countryman kidnapped in Libya last year....

Anger at Arab Israeli MPs who met relatives of attackers
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Steps should be taken against three Arab members of Israel's parliament who met this week with families of Palestinians who committed deadly attacks against civilians and security personnel, Israel's prime minister said Thursday....