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Officials: Mysterious blast in east Lebanon kills 2 Syrians
BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanese security officials say a mysterious explosion near the country's border with Syria has killed two Syrians and wounded three....

Lebanese government reveals its first budget in 12 years
AP Photo
BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanon's government has revealed the country's first budget in 12 years after discord and political paralysis had prevented politicians in past years from agreeing on a figure....

Israel extends arrest of teen suspected of US bomb threats
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli police say a court has extended the arrest of a 19-year-old American-Israeli Jew suspected in recent bomb threats against U.S. Jewish community centers....

Israel prepares for next war with Hezbollah in mock village
AP Photo
ELYAKIM MILITARY BASE, Israel (AP) -- Between a collection of concrete buildings with Arabic graffiti that are designed to simulate a typical Lebanese village, dozens of Israeli officers are gearing up for their next battle with Hezbollah guerrillas....

Famed lawyer says Trump 'clearly' endorsed Palestinian state
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Prominent U.S. lawyer Alan Dershowitz said in an interview Thursday that President Donald Trump spoke to him "clearly" about a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, suggesting a shift in Trump's stance....

Israel slashes dues to UN following anti-Israel votes
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel announced Wednesday it is reducing its required payment to the United Nations by $2 million following recent "anti-Israel" votes....

David Friedman sworn in as Trump's ambassador to Israel
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump gained his first ambassador Wednesday when attorney David Friedman was sworn in as America's envoy to Israel....

Israeli lawmakers reach out to US Jews on anti-Semitism
AP Photo
BOSTON (AP) -- A group of lawmakers representing a cross-section of Israel's political spectrum is reaching out to American Jews at a time when anxiety over anti-Semitic activity is running high in both countries, and amid uncertainty over the direction of U.S. policy toward the Jewish state under President Donald Trump....

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Israelis protest military draft
AP Photo
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews demonstrated in Jerusalem on Tuesday over military service in one of several protests following the recent detention of a rabbi's son who refused to report to a draft office....

McConnell criticizes Iran nuke deal as 'windfall' for Tehran
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Aiming to prove their commitment to Israel, senior U.S. lawmakers are backing bipartisan legislation that would slap Iran with new sanctions while maintaining rigorous enforcement of the landmark nuclear deal....