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UN urges $30 million for Palestinian refugees in Syria camp
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The U.N. Security Council is calling for $30 million in emergency aid to help Palestinian refugees in the embattled Yarmouk camp in the Syrian capital....

Palestinian ministers leave Gaza, cutting short rare visit
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Palestinian ministers have unexpectedly cut short their rare visit to the Gaza Strip....

Arab journalist defiantly accepts Israeli honor
AP Photo
JAFFA, Israel (AP) -- When 14 Israelis light torches in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the country at Israel's splashy Independence Day ceremony on Thursday, Arab newscaster Lucy Aharish will stride across the stage in an act of defiance....

Police: Israeli man stabs Arab because of victim's ethnicity
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli police say a Jewish man has stabbed an Arab and later confessed that he did so because of the victim's ethnicity....

Lebanon gets first shipment of $3B worth of French arms
AP Photo
BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanon received the first installment of $3 billion worth of French weapons paid for by Saudi Arabia on Monday, part of a four-year plan to help arm Beirut in its battle against jihadi groups....

AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from the Middle East
AP Photo
In the Middle East this week, Iraq's embattled Yazidi people marked their New Year in a candlelit ceremony despite being on the front lines of the war against the Islamic State group....

Israeli leader gets 2-week extension to form coalition
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has received a two-week extension to form a new governing coalition following his election victory last month....

Iconic Israeli actor Chaim Topol reflects on long career
AP Photo
TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) -- He was Tevye the milkman of "Fiddler on the Roof" fame, James Bond's wingman in "For Your Eyes Only" and a nutty professor in the 1980's cult classic "Flash Gordon."...

Israel police investigating killing of Polish tourist
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israeli police say they're investigating the killing of a Polish tourist whose body bore signs of violence....

Israel, Palestinians agree on tax revenue transfer
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday that he has reached an agreement with Israel in which essential tax revenues it collects for the Palestinians will be transferred following a four-month freeze....