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Israel demolishes more Palestinian homes this year than last
JERUSALEM (AP) -- A leading Israeli human rights group says Israel has demolished more Palestinian homes in the West Bank this year than it did nearly every other year in the last decade....

Israeli warplanes hit Syrian target after mortar fire
JERUSALEM (AP) -- The Israeli military says its warplanes have hit a position in Syria from where mortars were fired into the Israeli-held Golan Heights....

Israel hopes to sign new US military aid package soonest
JERUSALEM (AP) -- A senior Israeli official will travel to Washington next week in the hopes of signing a long-anticipated agreement that could result in increased U.S. military assistance to Israel, the Israeli prime minister's office said Monday....

Israeli tourist gang-raped after accepting car ride in India
NEW DELHI (AP) -- Police were questioning two men Monday in the gang rape of a 25-year-old Israeli tourist who accepted a car ride while traveling in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh....

Lebanese comments on Mauritania trigger spat ahead of summit
BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanon's prime minister is attending an Arab League summit in the Mauritanian capital but isn't spending the night there after his health minister questioned the impoverished African nation's ability to host top delegations....

Saudi official makes rare Jerusalem visit, meets Israelis
JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's Foreign Ministry says a senior official has met with a visiting former military general from Saudi Arabia. The meeting marks a rare public engagement between countries that have no official relations....

Travel ban lifted off British-Australian held in Lebanon
BEIRUT (AP) -- The lawyer of a dual British-Australian national indicted in a botched attempt to kidnap two Australian-Lebanese children at the center of a custody battle says a travel ban imposed on his client has been lifted....

AP PHOTOS: Editor selections of the week in the Mideast
AP Photo
Across the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan this week, scorching temperatures and regional conflicts touched the lives of people living here....

Palestinian boy who survived 2015 firebomb attack goes home
AP Photo
DUMA, West Bank (AP) -- A Palestinian boy who was seriously wounded in a firebomb attack last year that killed the rest of his family has been released from an Israeli hospital and returned home to the West Bank....

French prez meets Abbas, stresses fragility of Mideast
PARIS (AP) -- President Francois Hollande has stressed the "fragility" of the Mideast situation with mounting violence in a meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas....