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From fighter pilot to ancient space mariner, the story of John Glenn in 10 tidbits

A man convicted of killing a convenience store clerk over two decades ago in Alabama has been put to death

A woman accused of killing her twin sister by driving their SUV off a cliff in Hawaii is expected to clear the way for her extradition from upstate New York

An official says debris believed to be from a small plane missing in Alaska with four people on board has been found in a lake near where the aircraft took off from

About 50 vehicles including a Greyhound bus have been involved in chain reaction crashes and pileups in snowy conditions on Ohio roadways

There's dissension in the New York region's major transportation agency over how it'll spend money over the next decade

10 Things to Know for Friday

Protesters fighting the Dakota Access pipeline are getting conflicting messages from the Standing Rock Sioux reservation

The purported leader of Chicago's notorious Hobos street gang has told jurors he never ordered a hit on a gang associate-turned-police informant fatally shot in 2013 in front of his wife and step-kids

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. will pay $19.5 million to settle allegations that it promoted the anti-psychotic drug Abilify for unapproved uses and misled doctors about its dangers, it was announced Thursday

As the San Francisco Bay Area's artists grieve the loss of life from a deadly warehouse fire, they are also bracing for a possible city crackdown

A small plane that's missing in Alaska with four people on board was rented by a pilot described as a man who makes good decisions

The U.S. Supreme Court says planned execution of Alabama inmate can be carried out; prison officials say they will proceed

Police video shows an unarmed black driver struggling with an Iowa officer and a police dog before the officer shoots the motorist, paralyzing him

Correction: U of Illinois-Sanctuary Campus story

A series of gang killings in a New York City suburb has gotten the attention of Donald Trump

The Missouri Supreme Court has struck down a state law that denies bail to people facing criminal charges who cannot prove they are legally present in the country

An Orlando nightclub is set to host a memorial marking six months since the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (KWOH'-moh) says he has met with federal authorities about a corruption case against a former top aide

An attorney for an Ohio college student charged in the fatal stabbing of his roommate at an off-campus apartment says the death wasn't a murder but an "unfortunate accident."

The tragic fire at an artist collective in Oakland has sparked fear in the city's artist community

A second Georgia police officer has died, a day after being shot alongside a fellow officer who was a lifelong friend, and the hunt for the suspected gunman is over with police finding the fugitive dead inside a home where he had hidden

The youth treatment center where police say a teenager brutally killed a staff member while trying to escape is a working cattle ranch in southern Utah hasn't previously had any major violations with the state or violent incidents

A second Georgia police officer has died a day after being shot alongside a fellow officer while responding to a domestic dispute report

A man charged in the fatal shooting of a security guard at a Canadian National Railway facility in suburban Chicago says he's innocent

Arkansas' highest court on Thursday threw out a judge's ruling that could have allowed married same-sex couples to get the names of both spouses on their children's birth certificates without a court order

AP WAS THERE: John Glenn blasts off from Florida to become first American to orbit the Earth

A jury has found a Rhode Island man guilty of beating a junk car dealer to death with a two-by-four over a deal gone wrong

Jurors in the Charleston church shooting trial have viewed dashcam video from two police cruisers showing the apprehension of Dylann Roof

Officials say a seasonal UPS driver who had stopped for something to eat was shot and killed in a Wal-Mart parking lot in upstate New York by a motorist who then ran over him

A second man convicted in the fatal shooting of a 5-year-old girl as she sat on her grandfather's lap in Milwaukee has been sentenced to prison

The Los Angeles city attorney's office has sued four retailers, accusing them of duping shoppers into believing they got bigger discounts than they actually did

Four former sailors who have long claimed that police coerced them into falsely confessing to a 1997 rape and murder have asked Virginia's governor to declare them innocent

Coca-Cola targets "foodies" as it tries to persuade people moving away from soda that Coke goes with more kinds of meals

Anger and anguish were evident in a New Orleans courtroom Thursday as a friend of the man on trial for killing retired Saints star Will Smith repeatedly insisted that Smith and his friends were the aggressors following an April 9 traffic crash

Colleges that expel students suspected of sexual assault are being asked to specify the reason for expulsion on their transcripts, but opponents say that would be unfair

Police have identified a Fayetteville stabbing victim as mother of three

The foreman of the jury that couldn't reach a verdict in the murder trial of a former South Carolina police officer initially wanted to convict Michael Slager of murder

Authorities have identified the man accused of fatally shooting a UPS truck driver as a 38-year-old upstate New York man with no prior connection to the victim

The Dallas Police and Fire Pension system board has voted to suspend all withdrawals and payments coming out of deferred retirement funds

Two men have pleaded guilty to the $2 million robbery of an armored car, an inside job believed to be one of the biggest cash heists ever in St. Louis

An unarmed 13-year-old boy who died during a botched grab-and-run theft at a Las Vegas smoke shop was shot seven times in the back and head, according to a prosecutor, police and coroner reports

Authorities say three people have died and 11 others are hurt following a pileup on a snow-slickened Interstate 96 near Lansing, Michigan

Mayor Bill de Blasio says New York City is conducting a rigorous investigation into a freak radiator accident that led to the deaths of two toddler sisters

A federal judge is ordering a company with ties to a polygamous group to pay at least $200,000 in back wages to children who prosecutors say worked long hours picking pecans without pay

A Kentucky man charged with orchestrating the killings of his parents, sister and an acquaintance who was in on the murder plot has avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty to four counts of murder

The mayor of a Massachusetts city where a teenager's decapitated body was found is organizing an independent investigation into the police handling of the case

A federal judge says he won't open long-running secret negotiations on the cleanup of the nation's largest Superfund site to the public

The foreman of a jury that couldn't come to a verdict in the murder trial of a South Carolina police officer once had a felony charge against him dropped by the prosecutor's office

Authorities say an escaped inmate suspected of stabbing a South Carolina police officer has been recaptured about five miles from the store where the attack happened

Anger and anguish are evident in a New Orleans courtroom as a friend of the man who killed former Saints star Will Smith continues his testimony

Authorities say a 13-year-old boy killed by a clerk during an attempted grab-and-run theft at a Las Vegas smoke shop was shot seven times in the back and head

A Christmas tree farmer has found and returned a wedding ring a New Jersey man lost roughly 15 years ago

A Kentucky county has agreed to a $3.5 million settlement with the family and passengers of a teenager who was fatally shot by a sheriff's deputy as she tried to drive away from a large party

Court documents say Dylann Roof's mother suffered a heart attack not long after prosecutors described how her son planned a cold and calculated killing of nine black church members in a racially motivated attack

Detroit Police Chief James Craig has defended the decision to arrest and charge then drop charges against a man in the fatal shooting of a college police officer

A federally backed effort to stem the rise of homegrown extremists is underway in Massachusetts

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says Hawaii is under a tsunami watch because of an earthquake in the Solomon Islands

The Ohio Supreme Court has upheld the conviction and death sentence of a Cleveland man who killed 11 women and hid the remains in and around his home

Former senator and Democratic nominee for vice president John Edwards has listed his North Carolina estate on the market for $6.9 million

Correction: Coal Ash-Duke Energy story

Detroit police have released video footage of a new, unidentified suspect in the fatal shooting of a college police officer

A Pennsylvania couple has been jailed in the death of a disabled man who weighed just 76 pounds when he died last year

The United States Geological Survey reports a 6.5 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Northern California in the Pacific Ocean

Authorities say an escaped inmate suspected of stabbing a police officer tried to get into a school just before he was arrested

Commercial fishing companies, trade groups and seaport communities in four states have asked a court to stop the federal government from auctioning off the rights to develop an offshore windfarm in the Atlantic Ocean between New York and New Jersey

An 18-year-old girl was live-broadcasting herself as she drove along a Pennsylvania highway in the moments before a tractor-trailer plowed into her car, killing her and a passenger

The constitutionality of a Maryland war memorial in the shape of a cross is being challenged in federal court

Correction: Baltimore-Fatal Bus Crash story

The largest-ever survey of transgender Americans paints a grim picture of pervasive discrimination and harassment, to the point that many of them attempt suicide at some point

A man who spent 48 years as a fugitive from a Georgia prison before being found this year in a small Connecticut town has died at the age of 71

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a stay of execution for an Alabama inmate who was convicted of killing a convenience store clerk in 1994

An energy company says it plans to permanently close the Palisades nuclear power plant in southwestern Michigan in 2018

A Connecticut man who rolled into a jewelry store in a wheelchair, asked to see a $37,000 watch, then got up and sprinted out with the expensive timepiece has been sentenced to six years behind bars

A lawyer for an FBI agent arrested in Michigan for firing his gun at a police officer says the agent was feeling paranoid and only vaguely recalls what happened

A judge in Cleveland has set a $3 million bond for a man charged with abducting and raping a 6-year-old girl and attempting to abduct a 10-year-old girl

The man accused of firing an assault rifle inside a Washington restaurant says he regrets how he handled the situation but refused to completely dismiss the false online claims of child sex trafficking that brought him there

A 55-year-old Jackson woman has been charged with murder after she allegedly burned her elderly, disabled father with boiling water

Authorities are expected to release dashcam video Thursday of a traffic stop in which a white officer shot and paralyzed an unarmed black motorist

A judge has delayed a preliminary hearing for a man accused of bringing a military-style rifle to a Washington pizza shop in a misguided attempt to rescue child sex slaves he thought were inside

Houston police say one gunman was killed and four others were arrested when they attempted to rob an armored truck that contained officers carrying out a sting operation

A former refugee is one of the latest additions to the police force in New Hampshire's largest city

Authorities in Florida have identified a man who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy after he beat the deputy with an oar in a lake

Police say a New York City teen has died after attempting to perform a dangerous stunt at a subway station in Brooklyn

Among 10 Things to Know: Obama, Trump forming unlikely political friendship; South Korean parliament introduces impeachment motion targeting President Park; giraffes at risk of extinction

Two classic American novels, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "To Kill a Mockingbird," will immediately return to public school library shelves in a Virginia county

Social media postings about a campus police officer shooting a Nevada high school student waving a knife toward classmates drew an immediate plea from authorities not to rush to conclusions about the on-campus incident

Jurors are deliberating in the trial of a man accused of beating a Rhode Island junk car dealer to death with a two-by-four over a deal gone wrong

A Cook County judge has found a Chicago Police officer guilty of perjury during trial in a drug case but acquitted his supervisor and a suburban officer

A deputy police chief says a female officer has been stabbed inside a Walmart store in Columbia, South Carolina, while responding to a shoplifting call

A popular New York restaurant has become the latest victim of a fake-news conspiracy about Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring out of a Washington, D.C., pizza joint

U.S. Pacific Command Commander Adm. Harry Harris says those who served during the attack on Pearl Harbor never failed to stand for the national anthem

New York City won't keep personal records from future applicants for its immigrant-friendly municipal ID cards, though a court has temporarily blocked the city from destroying more than 900,000 current cardholders' records

North Carolina's incoming Democratic governor says he's optimistic he'll be able to repeal the state's law limiting the state's LGBT protections, despite the conservative agenda of a Republican-dominated legislature

An Alabama man convicted of killing a store clerk is scheduled to be executed Thursday, but lawyers for the former Eagle Scout are urging it be blocked because a judge overrode a jury recommendation in imposing a death sentence

The owners of a video company have filed a legal challenge to Minnesota's gay marriage law because they want to shoot weddings only for heterosexual couples

10 Things to Know for Thursday

A Southwest Airlines flight bound for Houston from Dallas turned back landing after a cockpit warning indicated a pressurization issue

An Oklahoma lawmaker wants to allow top elected officials to carry firearms, place armed police officers in private schools and slash the cost of obtaining or renewing handgun permits

A Florida woman has been charged with making death threats against a man who has publicly sought to debunk conspiracy theories about the death of his 6-year-old son in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings