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Authorities in a small Arkansas town say local police and firefighters are being targeted by suspicious fires and vandalism

An Ohio man accused of setting a house fire that killed seven of his neighbors has been denied bond at his first court appearance

A man accused of intentionally mowing down pedestrians with his car on a Times Square sidewalk has been indicted by a grand jury

A top New York state university administrator hired to oversee the University of Missouri in Columbia faces weighty challenges that include addressing the campus' lingering racial discord partly blamed for slumping enrollment

Man pleads not guilty to murder, other crimes in deadly Iowa jail escape

Deputies in East Tennessee have fatally shot a man accused of firing a gun several times at a neighbor and in the air

Police in Massachusetts have arrested a man they say stole an 80-year-old woman's purse as she visited her husband's grave

Five of the six Baltimore police officers charged in the in-custody death of a young black man face disciplinary action

A Virginia prosecutor is seeking to convene a special grand jury to investigate the 2015 death of a mentally ill inmate accused of stealing $5 worth of junk food

The San Antonio Police Department is reviewing body camera footage after a bystander posted video online that appears to show an officer punching an eighth-grade girl three or four times

A South Dakota jury will soon have the case of a man who faces drug charges for helping an American Indian tribe that sought to develop a marijuana resort

Texas woman dies while snorkeling in the Florida Keys

A Florida man told police that he fatally shot his two neo-Nazi roommates because he wanted to prevent them from committing planned acts of domestic terrorism

A lawyer for a 19-year-old Pennsylvania man convicted of shooting a friend and then posing for a selfie with the dying teen has appealed his sentence

Correction: Zuckerberg-High School Visit story

Residents of a New Jersey town insist that their opposition to a proposed mosque is about the location and not religious intolerance

Alabama inmate Tommy Arthur is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection Thursday

A lawsuit brought by Pvt. Chelsea Manning over the conditions of her confinement has been dismissed.

A person being chased by police in South Carolina has died in a wreck

The company that owns one of the nation's largest for-profit college chains is changing its name

A Chicago-area family is giving University of Chicago Medicine its biggest ever donation _ $100 million to establish an institute devoted to improving health and preventing disease by optimizing the body's own defenses

Forecasters say powerful thunderstorms are possible across parts of the Deep South, bringing the threat of tornadoes to south Georgia and northern Florida

Authorities: Person found fatally shot, dumped from car near a Tennessee college campus

Police say an officer wounded a man during a shootout outside a bank branch northwest of Atlanta

Authorities: Louisiana couple arrested after baby taken for emergency treatment for scalding burns to its buttocks

Iowa man accused of killing mother, father and sister pleads not guilty

When a child dies in an accidental shooting, should an adult face charges?

A $32 million maintenance hangar at Detroit Metropolitan Airport has opened as part of efforts to ensure safety among Spirit Airlines' fleet

A Macon County firefighter has died after suffering a traumatic brain injury in an accident on the job Saturday

Police in New York City say a homeless has died from injuries suffered when he was beaten after he catcalled a teenager's cousin

Among 10 Things to Know: Britain steps up military patrols, probes Manchester attacker's Libya ties; 'We can use peace': Trump and Pope Francis meet; Trump's health care budget means deep cuts for safety net

Fire at gas station kills one person in Florida after car slams into pump

A truck driver is dead following a series of fiery explosions on a California highway, after his truck burst into flames as it was delivering a full load of gasoline

Virginia man pleads guilty to stealing nearly $100,000 worth of military equipment used to support the Marine One helicopter fleet that transports the president

Authorities: Estimated $500 million in poppy plants used in making opium seized in North Carolina

A moment of reflection is scheduled for the Bowie State University student who was slain over the weekend

A city that has struggled for years with violent crime takes a tough stand against accidental shootings involving children

Many states have laws intended to keep kids away from guns

United Airlines investors will get their chance to ask the CEO about the violent removal of a man from a plane and other recent incidents

Gun-rights groups have successfully pushed back against state attempts to pass bills that would impose penalties on parents who fail to properly secure their firearms

Alabama inmate Tommy Arthur is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection Thursday

Key benchmarks in President Donald Trump's budget for the coming fiscal year

New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport has reopened after a plane engine caught fire, prompting a temporarily closure

Maine's U.S. senators are on board with a plan to make it easier for seafood dealers to export sea urchins and sea cucumbers outside of the United States

A jury has convicted a Los Angeles man for the 1981 robbery and murder of a 77-year-old widower he met through a gay magazine ad

The threat of flooding continues across several southern states as heavy rain soaked the area and prompted new flood watches in the Carolinas while a massive storm system swept eastward

A Montana sheriff's deputy who was killed in the line of duty last week was remembered as family man, a man of faith and a dedicated public servant who could be tough when he needed to be but still played dolls with his daughter

Former UN chief Kofi Annan says U.S. President Donald Trump should reach out and talk to Iran which by signing the nuclear deal with six major powers including the United States is trying to open up and reach out to the world

A New Jersey teenager mowed down by a driver who barreled along a Times Square sidewalk is out of a hospital

Kansas' child welfare agency says it last had contact in February 2012 with a boy who was murdered and fed to pigs in 2015 but had later contact with other family members

A federal judge has agreed to reconsider his ruling blocking President Donald Trump's executive order to cut funding from sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with U.S. immigration authorities

The Empire State Building has gone dark in a show of support for the victims of the suicide bombing in Britain

Among 10 Things to Know: Police ID suspected suicide bomber in Manchester; ex-CIA chief says he was alarmed by Russian inroads to Trump campaign; Bond actor Roger Moore dies of cancer at 89.

Uber has admitted to underpaying its New York City drivers tens of millions of dollars for the past 2 1/2 years

Officials of Hines Veterans Administration Hospital outside Chicago say they are addressing the finding of cockroaches in food preparation areas and on serving trays handed patients

Authorities say a 2-year-old girl died after her mom's boyfriend injured the toddler using "wrestling moves."

A breakdown among Oklahoma lawmakers over how to patch the state's budget problem has sent the legislative session spiraling into chaos and focused blame on the usually sacrosanct oil and natural gas industry for not paying more taxes

Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz set up a new company in April, just a day before announcing he wouldn't run for re-election

A judge declared a mistrial Tuesday in the case of a former New Mexico sheriff's deputy who was charged in the shooting death of a fellow deputy during what authorities described as an alcohol-fueled dispute

The Rhode Island House of Representatives has passed legislation that would deregulate the business of natural hair braiding

A trial date has been set for a 21-year-old Alaska man accused of fatally shooting his girlfriend when he tried to kill himself and the bullet struck the woman after passing through his head

The new UN disarmament chief says a team from the international chemical weapons watchdog found exposure "to sarin or a sarin-like substance" in samples from an April 4 attack in northern Syria that killed over 90 people

Newly released documents show Kansas received reports that a boy who ultimately was murdered and fed to pigs was being physically abused years before his death

A Vermont police department says it doesn't plan to file criminal charges in the March protest of a college guest speaker who co-wrote a book discussing racial differences in intelligence

President Donald Trump's proposed budget includes a cut of about $120 million for the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, despite two recent incidents that raised concerned about worker safety at the former nuclear weapons production site

New Jersey's capital city is getting its first Starbucks

A jury has awarded more than $256 million to a California auto dealership owner who claimed Nissan put him out of business during the recession

Black lawmakers in Mississippi are demanding the resignation of a white colleague who said Louisiana leaders should be lynched for removing Confederate monuments

A jury has awarded more than $256 million to a California auto dealership owner who claimed Nissan put him out of business during the recession

Timeline of events: Disruptive passenger's travel to Hawaii

A judge has declared a mistrial in the case of a former New Mexico sheriff's deputy who was accused in the shooting death of a fellow deputy during what authorities described as an alcohol-fueled dispute.

A white Oklahoma police officer acquitted of manslaughter after fatally shooting an unarmed black man will receive back pay

A white Oklahoma police officer acquitted of fatally shooting an unarmed black man has returned to the force and is working "a desk job."

Two days after a stray bullet struck a 7-year-old Kentucky boy as he ate cake at his kitchen table, Louisville police are pleading for help in tracking down the child's killer

A vigil for a shooting victim in Memphis was interrupted by gunfire and at least three people were wounded

The organization putting together a large memorial to honor victims and survivors of a mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona, that targeted former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords is having trouble raising enough money for the $5 million project

A man wanted in connection with a 1995 genocide that took place during Bosnia's civil war has been returned to his native Serbia to face charges

Jury deliberations will resume Wednesday in the murder trial of a New Jersey man accused of killing his son because the boy had become an impediment to his relationship with a teenage girlfriend

A Mississippi Gulf Coast city is the latest front line in the broad debate over the public display of Confederate symbols

Despite raising red flags at Los Angeles International Airport, a man cited by airport police and traveling to Hawaii with no luggage was allowed to board an American Airlines flight

The U.S. Department of Energy says it's abandoning a test to determine whether nuclear waste can be buried far underground

A man wearing claw-like gloves and clown-style makeup is suspected of stabbing and killing another man in Denver

China's UN ambassador says multiple North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile tests, with no end in sight, show the "very strong" need for new talks with Pyongyang to reduce tensions and try to achieve denuclearization

A Maryland man who pleaded guilty to assault after setting two men on fire more than a year ago now faces a murder charge in the case

Prosecutors say a private investigator's attempt to obtain President Donald Trump's federal tax information was unsuccessful, and the man faces charges of misrepresenting his Social Security number in the effort

Federal judge says Muslim woman makes plausible claims that Chicago police violated her rights by mistakenly identifying her last year as potential 'lone wolf' terrorist as she left subway station

A federal appeals court says Wikimedia's case challenging the government's practice of collecting certain communications moving on the internet can move forward

Correction: Tribal Roads-Schools story

A Philadelphia man who spent 24 years in prison for a murder he says he didn't commit has been exonerated

More sponsors are dropping out of New York City's Puerto Rican Day parade after a decision by organizers to honor a freed nationalist who once embraced armed resistance to the U.S. rule of Puerto Rico

Two more sponsors are saying they will skip New York City's Puerto Rican Day parade after a decision by organizers to honor a freed nationalist who once embraced armed resistance to the U.S. rule of Puerto Rico

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear a sentencing appeal by a father and son whose Iowa-based egg production company caused a massive 2010 salmonella outbreak

State police have charged a 61-year-old New York woman with causing more than $350,000 in damage to artwork, antiques and other personal property at her ex-husband's home

The Michigan National Guard plans to test residential drinking wells near its main training facility after a plume of toxic chemicals was discovered in groundwater

A man sentenced to death for killing nine worshippers in a racist attack at a Charleston church has petitioned an appeals court for mercy

Mississippi's top two elected officials are attacking a lawsuit that claims Mississippi is breaking federal law by providing inferior schools to African American students

New York City police say they have tightened security at high-profile locations "out of an abundance of caution" following the deadly explosion in Manchester, England

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it won't declare Ohio's western end of Lake Erie impaired by toxic algae

Firefighters in Ohio say a man who fell from a cliff and spent four days in a ravine was rescued after he crawled to a country club, despite having broken both his legs and arms

A Southern California university has granted a surprise honorary degree to the mother of a quadriplegic student after she attended every class and took notes for him while he earned his MBA