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In Iraq's battle for Fallujah, residents gird for long fight
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Five days into an Iraqi military operation to push Islamic State fighters out of Fallujah, residents still inside the city are preparing for a long battle, with some saying they fear being trapped between two forces they don't fully trust....

Iraq honors policeman who stopped would-be suicide bomber
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq has honored a police officer who stopped a would-be suicide bomber at a checkpoint in a northern Baghdad neighborhood this week....

Iraq launches operation to retake IS-held city of Fallujah
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced the beginning of military operations to retake the Islamic State-held held city of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, in a televised address on Sunday night....

Crowds mourn at funeral of 2 killed at Baghdad protest
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Hundreds of mourners gathered in Baghdad's Sadr City as families held funerals Saturday for two people killed in protests a day earlier. The coffins for the two men were hoisted above the crowds before being driven to the holy city of Najaf for burial....

Iraq: Border with Jordan to open soon, after year of closure
AMMAN, Jordan (AP) -- Iraq's border crossing with Jordan is expected to open in about two weeks, after an almost year-long closure, allowing for a resumption of vital trade and a return of Iraqi refugees, an Iraqi diplomat said Saturday....

IMF announces $5.4B loan over 3 years to Iraq
AMMAN, Jordan (AP) -- The International Monetary Fund said Thursday that it is lending $5.4 billion over three years to cash-strapped Iraq, which has been hit hard by a sharp drop in oil prices....

Mourning in Sadr City, Baghdad's deadliest district
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Among the dozens killed when a truck bomb struck a crowded market last week in Baghdad's Sadr City were two brothers, the only sons of Talib Jassum Issa, who got the news in a phone call just minutes after the attack....

The Latest: Officials say day's death toll in Baghdad now 69
BAGHDAD (AP) -- The latest on a wave of militants attacks in Iraq as government forces battle the Islamic State group (all times local):...

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