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Iraqis suffer in desert camps after flight from Fallujah
AP Photo
AMIRIYAH AL-FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) -- Tens of thousands of Iraqis who survived a harrowing flight from Fallujah now find themselves in sprawling desert camps with little food, water or shelter. The growing humanitarian crisis less than an hour's drive from Baghdad has reinforced the region's deep-seated distrust of the government, and could undermine recent gains against the Islamic State group....

AP PHOTOS: Iraqi special forces share treasured possessions
AP Photo
FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) -- Sgt. Ahmed Abdelaziz, with Iraq's special forces, has been almost continually deployed fighting the Islamic State group ever since the militants overran nearly a third of Iraq in the summer of 2014. Now he's on the front lines of Fallujah, a city that was declared "fully liberated" on Sunday by the commander leading the fight against IS....

A look at Iraq's war against IS after Fallujah
AP Photo
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraqi forces say they have completely liberated the city of Fallujah from the Islamic State group after a monthlong operation, marking one of their biggest victories since the extremists swept across large parts of the country in 2014....

Iraqi forces focus on militants in north and west Fallujah
AP Photo
FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) -- Iraqi commanders are preparing to dislodge Islamic State group fighters from pockets of territory in Fallujah's northern and western neighborhoods where the militants have dug in after largely fleeing their positions in the city center last week....

The Latest: US says only 1/3 of Fallujah cleared of IS
BAGHDAD (AP) -- The Latest on Iraq's battle against the Islamic State group (all times local):...

UN releases $15 million to help Iraqis fleeing Fallujah
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The U.N. humanitarian chief has released $15 million in emergency aid to provide life-saving assistance to more than 85,000 people forced to flee recent fighting and military operations in the Iraqi city of Fallujah....

New Zealand to keep troops in Iraq for an extra 18 months
WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) -- New Zealand announced Monday that it plans to keep its small contingent of troops in Iraq for an additional 18 months as it continues to back the U.S.-led coalition's efforts to defeat the Islamic State group....

Christian militias fighting IS in Iraq hope for US support
AP Photo
ALQOSH, Iraq (AP) -- Clutching his rifle intently, the Iraqi recruit maneuvered between piles of bricks and cement obstacles. The sound of shooting pierced the air and he jumped behind a wall, lifted his rifle and imitated the staccato sound of gunfire....

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