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Obama and the Kurds: Turkish strikes vex Islamic State plan
WASHINGTON (AP) - Turkey's dramatic air campaign against the Islamic State and Kurdish forces has created a bit of a conundrum for President Barack Obama, who is leading the fight against one of Turkey's targets while relying heavily on the other target. In a dizzying array of alliances, Obama has been pleading with Turkey for nearly a year to fight the Islamic State more aggressively and allow the U.S. military to launch airstrikes from its Incirlik air base. Finally Turkey agreed, in a deal announced last week, and days later, the U.S. said it would help Turkey oust Islamic State from a 68-mile stretch in Syria along the Turkish border.

Parole for Pollard revisits divisions over extent of harm
WASHINGTON (AP) - The arrest of Jonathan Pollard for spying for Israel touched off one of the most sensational spy cases in recent American history, stoking fierce international passions and decades of legal and diplomatic wrangling. Thirty years later, Pollard, 60, has been granted parole from his life sentence by the U.S. Parole Commission, which set his release for Nov. 21.

Iran nuclear deal turns up lobbying heat on Congress
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Iran nuclear deal has supercharged congressional lobbying, with President Barack Obama securing the support of a prominent Jewish Democrat and pro-Israel groups pressuring lawmakers in an all-out, big-money drive. Obama, his Cabinet and other allies are making the case that the deal, which calls on Iran to curb its nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in sanctions relief, is the best possible way to prevent Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon.

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Anger grows over two-speed Poland, fueling political shift
PIONKI, Poland (AP) - Marek Bogacki feels life in Poland 26 years after the fall of communism could hardly be better. Wearing a fine shirt and tie and enjoying brunch at a French bakery in Warsaw, the 35-year-old investment director at an insurance company ticked off places where he has vacationed, from New York to Thailand to Paris, saying the prosperity and freedom that came with EU membership has made it "the best time in Poland's history."

Man accused in lion death says he thought hunt was legal
BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) - A Minnesota dentist who went on a guided bow hunting trip for big game in Zimbabwe said that he had no idea the lion he killed was protected and that he relied on the expertise of his local guides to ensure the hunt was legal. Walter Palmer, who has a felony record in the U.S. related to shooting a black bear in Wisconsin, released a statement Tuesday after Zimbabwean authorities identified him as the American involved in the July hunt. They said Palmer is being sought on poaching charges, but Palmer said he hasn't heard from U.S. or Zimbabwean authorities.

New video shows more of Sandra Bland's time in Texas jail
HEMPSTEAD, Texas (AP) - Texas authorities released additional footage from Sandra Bland's three days in jail, saying they wanted to dispel rumors that she was dead before arriving. Waller County Judge Trey Duhon said Tuesday that such conspiracy theories - including one that Bland's mug shot was taken after her death - have prompted death threats against county officials.

Coast Guard plane's crew spends long days searching for boys
ABOVE THE ATLANTIC OCEAN (AP) - Scouring the vast ocean expanse off Florida for two missing teen boaters is a long, tedious mission for the eight-person crew of the C-130 Hercules Coast Guard plane based out of Clearwater. On Tuesday morning, the flight crew - including a public affairs officer and an Associated Press reporter - left Florida's Gulf coast at midmorning and flew eastward.

Pakistan police kill feared Sunni militant leader, 13 others
MUZAFFARGARH, Pakistan (AP) - Pakistani police gunned down one of the country's most-feared Sunni militant leaders and 13 followers in a mysterious pre-dawn shootout Wednesday, killing a man believed to behind the slaughter of hundreds of the nation's minority Shiites. Malik Ishaq, who directed the operations of the Taliban- and al-Qaida-linked Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group, was so feared in Pakistan that frightened judges hid their faces from him and even offered the unrepentant killer tea and cookies in court.

Review: 5 ways Windows 10 fixes annoyances in predecessor
NEW YORK (AP) - It took me just a weekend to get comfortable with Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system, something I never did with its predecessor, Windows 8, even after nearly three years. With Wednesday's update, Windows no longer feels jarring, as though I'm using two different computers at once.

Fed is likely to delay 1st rate hike in 9 years a bit longer
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Reserve is moving toward raising interest rates from record lows - just not likely yet. On Wednesday, when it ends its latest policy meeting, Fed officials will issue a statement that will be parsed for clues to just when the first rate increase since 2006 might occur. The meeting will end with a policy statement but no news conference by Chair Janet Yellen.

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