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The Associated Press
AP Top Health News At 6:25 p.m. EDT

Disney measles outbreak that sparked vaccination debate ends
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An outbreak of measles that popped up at Disneyland in late December soon spread to six other U.S. states, Mexico and Canada. Health officials suspect an infected traveler, who caught the virus overseas, visited the theme park and exposed others....

Intersex surgeries spark move away from drastic treatment
AP Photo
CHICAGO (AP) -- She was born to a young Chicago couple, named Jennifer, and grew into a beautiful long-lashed child with wavy dark hair, big brown eyes and a yearning, youthful desire to be just like all the other girls....

Large measles outbreak traced to Disneyland is declared over
AP Photo
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- California health authorities on Friday declared an end to a large measles outbreak that started at Disneyland and triggered a national debate about vaccinations....

Glaxo recalls flu vaccine due to potency problem
WASHINGTON (AP) -- GlaxoSmithKline is recalling remaining doses of a popular four-in-one flu vaccine because of effectiveness problems....

Dr. Oz tells critics: No conflict of interest on my TV show
NEW YORK (AP) -- Dr. Mehmet Oz is defending himself against 10 doctors who've accused him of promoting "quack treatments" on his TV show....

Study: High school smoking fell as e-cigarette use boomed
NEW YORK (AP) -- Teen smoking hit a new low last year while the popularity of electronic cigarettes and water pipes boomed, a government report shows....

Colorado law enforcement switches message to safe pot use
DENVER (AP) -- Breaking from decades of "Just Say No"-type messaging about marijuana use, Colorado law enforcement officials are starting a new campaign designed to promote safe marijuana use....

Financial incentives OK'd for workplace wellness programs
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a victory for business, federal regulators said Thursday that employers can continue to use financial penalties and rewards to nudge staff to participate in fast-growing workplace wellness programs....

Idea from Adam Sandler film used to soothe dementia patients
NEW YORK (AP) -- For 94-year-old Louise Irving, who suffers from dementia, waking up every day to a video with a familiar face and a familiar voice seems to spark a flicker of recognition....

Study: US moms typically space pregnancies 2 1/2 years apart
NEW YORK (AP) -- For U.S. moms, the typical time between pregnancies is about 2 1/2 years but nearly a third of women space their children too close, a government study shows....