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The Associated Press
AP Top Health News at 5:08 p.m. EDT

Health officials now confirm 11 cases of measles in Arizona
ELOY, Ariz. (AP) -- An outbreak of measles that began with an inmate at a federal detention center for immigrants in central Arizona has now grown to 11 confirmed cases, officials said Monday....

Guarding against deadly blows to the chest in kids' sports
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Jack Crowley was 15 when a baseball hit him in the chest and stopped his heart. The Long Island teen survived thanks to a police officer who grabbed a defibrillator and shocked his heart back into rhythm....

Finally allowed 2nd child, older Chinese parents turn to IVF
AP Photo
BEIJING (AP) -- China's decision to allow all married couples to have two children is driving a surge in demand for fertility treatment among older women, putting heavy pressure on clinics and breaking down past sensitivities, and even shame, about the issue....

Child in critical condition after Paris lightning strike
PARIS (AP) -- A child remains in critical condition after a lightning bolt disrupted a birthday party in a Paris park, injuring several....

Pakistan says new sampling shows progress against polio
ISLAMABAD (AP) -- For the first time in Pakistan's history all the previous month's environmental samples for polio have tested negative - a sign of progress in the campaign to eradicate the virus, an official said Monday....

Child still critical after lightning hits 11 in Paris park
PARIS (AP) -- Eight children and three adults were struck by lightning Saturday in a Paris park after a sudden spring storm sent a bolt crashing down upon a children's birthday party, a spokesman for Paris' fire service said. He credited an off-duty firefighter with playing a critical role in getting immediate medical help to the victims, but one child remains in critical condition....

UN health agency rejects call to postpone Rio Olympics
BERLIN (AP) -- The World Health Organization on Saturday rejected a call from 150 health experts to consider postponing or moving the Rio Summer Olympics due to the Zika virus in hard-hit Brazil, arguing that the shift would make no significant difference to the spread of the virus....

Honolulu schools to let kids with lice stay in class
HONOLULU (AP) -- Honolulu students who get lice next year can stay in schools that are included in a new education department policy....

The Latest: Child on life support after lightning strike
PARIS (AP) -- The Latest on the lightning strike that struck 11 people at a park in Paris. (all times local):...

Cellphone radiation study raises concerns despite low risk
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A new federal study of the potential dangers of cellphone radiation, conducted in rats, found a slight increase in brain tumors in males and raised long-dormant concerns about the safety of spending so much time with cellphones glued to our ears....