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The Associated Press
AP Top Health News at 12:22 p.m. EDT

Senator: Is Medicare drug plan vulnerable to exploitation?
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A senior senator is examining whether Medicare's prescription drug benefit is vulnerable to manipulation by pharmaceutical companies that set very high prices for medications....

ALS-related gene found with help from Ice Bucket Challenge
AP Photo
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The ALS Association is crediting money raised through the Ice Bucket Challenge for the discovery of a gene's connection to the progressive disease....

Severe birth defects not as lethal as docs once said: Study
AP Photo
CHICAGO (AP) -- Parents of newborns with rare genetic conditions used to hear the grim words that the severe birth defects were "incompatible with life." Support groups and social media showing the exceptions have changed the landscape. So has mounting research suggesting that not all such babies are doomed to die....

9/11 worker pleads for medical coverage with billboards
WEST MILFORD, N.J. (AP) -- A New Jersey man who spent three weeks looking for survivors in the days after the 9/11 attacks is using billboards in a push to have his kidney disease added to the list of covered conditions by a fund to help Ground Zero workers with health problems....

Up there: Netherlands, Latvia lead world for people's height
NEW YORK (AP) -- If you want to see a tall population of men, go to the Netherlands. Tall women? Latvia....

Wish granted: Six-year-old boy is garbage man for a day
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Ethan Dean has always dreamed of being a garbage man. He never tires of playing with toy garbage trucks and loves to watch the real ones drive past his house....

Doctors urged to check pregnant women for Zika at each visit
NEW YORK (AP) -- U.S. health officials are strongly urging doctors to ask all pregnant women about a possible Zika infection at every checkup....

Punishing strike by resident doctors grinds on in Haiti
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -- Empty halls buzz with flies. Rats scamper through the wards at night. The emergency room is empty except for four shackled prisoners, watched over by relatives and missionaries rather than medical personnel....

Sushi restaurant worker among 93 Hawaii hepatitis A cases
HONOLULU (AP) -- A Hawaii outbreak of hepatitis A has grown to 93 cases, including an infected sushi restaurant worker who might have exposed diners, the state's Department of Health said Tuesday....

Watch for behavior changes for clues of dementia onset
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Memory loss may not always be the first warning sign that dementia is brewing - changes in behavior or personality might be an early clue....