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Lady Gaga, Vince Vaughn take charity polar plunge in Chicago
CHICAGO (AP) -- Lady Gaga and Vince Vaughn plunged into the icy waters of Chicago's Lake Michigan at a fundraiser for the Special Olympics....

Will Smith's 'Focus' tops box office with $19.1 million
NEW YORK (AP) -- Will Smith's con-man caper "Focus" disrobed "Fifty Shades of Grey" at the box office, but the film's modest $19.1 million opening still left questions about the drawing power of the once unstoppable star....

Disabled punk rockers to compete in Eurovision Song Contest
HELSINKI (AP) -- Four punk rockers with learning disabilities will compete for Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest semifinal after winning the Nordic country's national qualifying contest....

15 artworks stolen from Chinese museum south of Paris
PARIS (AP) -- French cultural officials say 15 pieces of art have been stolen from a Chinese museum south of Paris, including a replica crown of the King of Siam given to France's emperor in the mid-19th century....

Dolce&Gabbana pay sentimental tribute to mothers in Milan
MILAN (AP) -- Model Bianca Balta won applause of approval as she walked down the Dolce&Gabbana runway in an advanced stage of pregnancy. It was part of the designing duo's early Mother's Day present to women, a collection dedicated to moms....

Dress that 'greatly resembles' stolen Nyong'o gown found
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- A white dress that strongly resembles the custom gown taken from Lupita Nyong'o's hotel room earlier this week turned up Friday under a bathroom sink in the same hotel, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's official said....

Spock's ears: A pointy trademark for Leonard Nimoy
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Leonard Nimoy, who died Friday at age 83, likely had the most famous lobes in Hollywood. As the logical half-human, half-alien Mr. Spock in "Star Trek," his pointy Vulcan appendages became a signature - and a nuisance - for the actor. Here's a few facts about those iconic ears:...

As Spock, Leonard Nimoy gave a character enduring life
NEW YORK (AP) -- It's no exaggeration to say Leonard Nimoy was perfect for the role that defined his career. His lean, almost sepulchral frame seemed otherworldly. His long, solemn face reflected wisdom summoned from somewhere deep within....

Leonard Nimoy, famous as Mr. Spock on 'Star Trek,' dies
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- In 1975, Leonard Nimoy published an autobiography with the defiant title, "I Am Not Spock" - an attempt to show the world he had many more facets than the pointy-eared character that had come to define him....

Theater Review: 'Abundance' is a tragicomic look at Old West
NEW YORK (AP) -- In sagas about the American Wild West, pioneers were brave and true-hearted cowboys and homesteaders tamed the savage land while their womenfolk happily tended hearth and family....

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