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CLARIFICATION: Religious Freedom Laws
In a story March 31 about laws known as Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, The Associated Press reported that Douglas Laycock, a constitutional scholar at the University of Virginia Law School, expressed frustration that gay rights advocates criticizing the Indiana version of the law did not acknowledge that the laws had never successfully been used to override non-discrimination statutes. Laycock was then quoted saying, "I don't know if they don't know that, or whether they're pandering to their base." The story should have made clear that his comment was about Republican sponsors of the law who Laycock felt were wrongly promising that the laws would protect religious objectors from having to recognize gay marriage....

Correction: Nevada Rancher-Federal Lands story
CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) -- In a story March 31 about a federal lands bill, The Associated Press reported erroneously that national park under the purview of the Bureau of Land Management. They are under the National Park Service. Both the BLM and the Park Service are under the Department of the Interior....

Correction: Arab Museum-Little Syria story
DETROIT (AP) -- In a story March 27 about a `Little Syria' exhibit going to Ellis Island, The Associated Press, due to incorrect information from the Arab American National Museum, erroneously reported the date the exhibit will open. It opens Oct. 1, 2016, not Oct. 1 of this year....

Indiana governor wants changes to religious-objections law
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- Indiana Gov. Mike Pence says he wants legislation clarifying that a new religious-freedom does not allow discrimination on his desk by the end of the week....

Correction: Death-Pot Candy story
BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (AP) -- In a story March 26 about authorities investigating the possible role of marijuana candy in the apparent suicide of an Oklahoma man, The Associated Press reported erroneously the gender of Summit Coroner Regan Goodman. She is a woman, not a man....

Correction: Japan-Nuclear-Flawed Cleanup story
TOKYO (AP) -- In a March 24 story about flawed projects at the Fukushima nuclear plant, The Associated Press erroneously described the spending as coming from taxpayer money allocated for the plant's cleanup. It actually was part of 350 billion yen ($3 billion) paid for by plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co....

Obama: Netanyahu statements don't clarify two-state solution
WASHINGTON (AP) -- An unconvinced President Barack Obama said Tuesday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's efforts to clarify pre-election statements rejecting creation of a Palestinian state still do not appear to advance the prospect of a two-state solution to Mideast peace....

Clarification: Germany-Greece-Nazi Debt story
BERLIN (AP) -- In a story March 22, The Associated Press reported that the Nazis deported Greek Jews in 1943 "to death camps in Poland." The story should have made clear that the camps were Nazi-run camps in occupied Poland....

Correction: Educating Veterans-Texas story
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- In a story March 22 about Texas' funding of a veterans education program, The Associated Press misidentified Rufus Coburn's role with the Texas Veterans Commission. Coburn is the director of the commission's education program, not the commission's executive director....

Correction: Hollywood Stylists-Dolce & Gabbana story
WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) -- In a story March 18 about Hollywood stylists, The Associated Press misidentified one of the stylists quoted. It was Tara Swennen, not Samantha McMillen....