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Correction: SmallBiz-Small Talk
NEW YORK (AP) -- In a story Aug. 20 about lending to women-owned businesses, Maria Coyne, head of small business banking at KeyBank, was quoted by The Associated Press as saying the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. examines banks' lending records and makes a judgment about whether they're being prudent lenders. The Federal Reserve and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency actually have those responsibilities....

Correction: Emirates-Terrorism Law story
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- In a story Aug. 20 about a new counter-terrorism law in the United Arab Emirates, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Gulf researcher Nicholas McGeehan works for Amnesty International. He works for Human Rights Watch....

Correction: People-Bon Jovi-Christie story
In a story Aug. 16 about Jon Bon Jovi accepting a challenge to douse himself with ice water for charity, The Associated Press erroneously reported the charity he was supporting. It was the ALS Association, not the ALS Foundation....

Correction: Flooding-Michigan story
WARREN, Mich. (AP) -- In a story Aug. 12 about flooding in Michigan, The Associated Press, relying on information from the Warren Fire Department, reported erroneously that a woman died after suffering seizures when her car stalled in high water. The department sent a summary of the incident to the mayor Friday saying that an error was made and the woman recovered at a hospital....

Correction: Perry-National Guard story
BASTROP, Texas (AP) -- In a story Aug. 13 about Gov. Rick Perry's border security strategy, The Associated Press erroneously reported that the Texas Department of Public Safety said that 203,000 immigrants illegally in the U.S. have been charged since 2008 with more than 3,000 homicides and 8,000-plus sexual assaults. The agency said the immigrants have been charged in that many crimes over their criminal careers, not just since 2008....

Correction: Berkshire Hathaway Investments
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) -- In a story Aug. 14 about changes to Berkshire Hathaway's stock portfolio, The Associated Press reported erroneously the company had reduced its stake in engineering and construction firm Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. by 1.1 million shares. Berkshire Hathaway has increased its position in Chicago Bridge & Iron by 1.2 million shares....

Correction: SmallBiz-Autistic Owners story
NEW YORK (AP) -- In a story Aug. 13 about business owners with autism, The Associated Press reported erroneously the name and abbreviation of the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, or SARRC....

Correction: Film Crew-Train Crash story
SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) -- In some versions of a story Aug. 14 about a movie production company being cited for workplace safety violations related to a fatal train crash in Georgia, The Associated Press erroneously reported the first name of the singer who is the subject of the film. His name is Gregg Allman, not Greg....

Correction: Flooding-Metro NYC story
NORTH BABYLON, N.Y. (AP) -- In a story Aug. 13 about flooding in the New York City suburbs, The Associated Press reported erroneously on the relationship between the storm and one earlier in the week in Michigan. National Weather Service meteorologist Tim Morrin says the storms were two separate events, not from the same system....

Correction: Postal Service-Losses story
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a story Aug. 11 about U.S. Postal Service Revenues, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the agency blamed its $2 billion loss for the quarter ending June 30 on increases in compensation and benefit costs. Although those costs did increase slightly, the overall loss reflected the agency spending $18.4 billion in operating costs against revenues of $16.5 billion....