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Correction: Synthetic Drug Overdoses story
FARGO, N.D. (AP) -- In a story Aug. 28 about the sentencing of a man in a North Dakota drug case, The Associated Press incorrectly quoted Debbie Bjerk, whose son Christian Bjerk died after ingesting a synthetic drug. She said, "There are no human words I can say today that can convey the magnitude of our loss," not "There are no healing words I can say today that can convey the magnitude of our loss."...

Correction: Pediatric Nurse-Molestation story
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- In an Aug. 27 story about a pediatric nurse being charged with molesting a 2-month-old baby in San Diego, The Associated Press, based on information from the FBI, reported erroneously that Michael William Lutts had pleaded not guilty to the charge. Prosecutor Alessandra Serano says that Lutts appeared in federal court on Wednesday but did not enter a plea....

Correction: Thailand-Six-Legged Livestock story
THANON NANG KLARN, Thailand (AP) -- In a story Aug. 25 about insects being raised for food around the world, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the first cricket farm in the United States will open this year in Youngstown, Pennsylvania. The farm is in Youngstown, Ohio, and is now operating....

Correction: Dwindling Bathhouses story
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- In a story Aug. 23 about the declining number of gay bathhouses The Associated Press reported erroneously that Todd Saporito, the CEO of Ohio-based Flex Spas, ran the Gay Games that were held in Cleveland. Saporito held events at his bathhouse and nightclub in conjunction with the games but was not involved in running the event....

Correction: Emmys-List story
In a story Aug. 26 listing the Emmy Awards winners, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Adam Bernstein won for outstanding directing of a miniseries, movie or dramatic special for "Fargo." Colin Bucksey won the category for "Fargo." Bernstein was also nominated for his direction of "Fargo."...

Clarification: Cooper Union story
NEW YORK (AP) -- In a story Aug. 15, The Associated Press reported that undergraduates at Cooper Union paid tuition before 1902, and that the school then became free. The story should have made clear that while some students paid for classes in the school's early years, it was always free for others. There was no tuition from at least 1902 until graduate students started paying tuition last year....

Correction: Obit-Sperling story
PHOENIX (AP) -- In a story Aug. 25 about death of University of Phoenix founder John Sperling, The Associated Press reported erroneously the day that Sperling died. He died Friday, not Sunday....

Correction: Britain-Obit-Richard Attenborough
LONDON (AP) -- In an obituary Aug. 24 on actor-director Richard Attenborough, The Associated Press erroneously reported that "In Which We Serve," a movie starring Attenborough, won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1942. The film did not win that award - the best picture that year was "How Green Was My Valley."...

Correction: Indonesia-US Woman Dead story
BALI, Indonesia (AP) -- In a story Aug. 16 about the investigation into the killing of a Chicago woman in Indonesia, The Associated Press reported erroneously that police had charged an American couple with murder in connection with the case. Police said they were preparing murder charges against the man and woman....

Clarification: College Football Hall of Fame story
ATLANTA (AP) -- In a story Aug. 22, The Associated Press reported that on a normal business day, no more than 800 guests will be allowed in the new College Football Hall of Fame. The facility will allow up to 800 guests to enter per hour....