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Correction: Suicidal Teens-Marriage Laws story
CHICAGO (AP) -- In a story Feb. 20 about same-sex marriage laws and teen suicides, The Associated Press, relying on figures published in a JAMA Pediatrics study, reported erroneously the number of surveyed students who said they were gay, lesbian or bisexual. Johns Hopkins researcher Julia Raifman said Tuesday that the number was 26,252, not about 230,000....

Correction: Laura Branigan obituary
NEW YORK (AP) -- When the pop singer Laura Branigan died, The Associated Press, relying on information from her management company, reported in an obituary on Aug. 28, 2004, that she was 47 and had been born on July 3, 1957. After being contacted recently by one of Branigan's fans, the AP conducted a thorough review and established that she was actually 52 when she died. School records, newspaper articles written about her in the 1950s and 1960s, and testimonials from childhood friends all indicate she was born in 1952. She also is best described as having grown up in Armonk, not Brewster, as the AP's original obituary said....

Correction: Tiffany-Cancer Lawsuit story
PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- In a story Feb. 16 about a discrimination lawsuit against Tiffany & Co., The Associated Press erroneously reported the timing of when the employee alerted the company she would have to take leave for her fourth surgery. It was in October 2015, not 2014....

Clarification: Trump-Iranian Exiles story
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- A Feb. 5 story by The Associated Press on contacts between people associated with the Trump administration and the Iranian opposition group Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, known as the MEK, stated as fact long-standing accusations against the group, including its alleged responsibility for the killing of Americans in the 1970s....

Clarification: TV-NBC-Euronews story
NEW YORK (AP) -- An early version of a Feb. 14 story about NBC purchasing the television news network Euronews said Deborah Turness was running the new partnership. She is running NBC's side of the partnership....

Correction: Congress-Trump Taxes story
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a story Feb. 14 about House Democrats' efforts to obtain President Donald Trump's tax returns from the IRS, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Rep. Joseph Crowley of New York is a Republican. He is a Democrat....

Correction: Holocaust-Recovered Melodies story
AKRON, Ohio (AP) -- In a story Feb. 3 about the recovery of recordings of Holocaust survivors singing melodies in 1946, The Associated Press inaccurately described a Jewish district during World War II as a Polish ghetto. It was in Nazi-occupied Poland....

CORRECTION: Braves-Phillips story
ATLANTA (AP) -- In a story Feb. 12 about Brandon Phillips of the Atlanta Braves, The Associated Press reported incorrect details about his contract. He had 10-and-five rights to block trade rather than a no-trade clause....

Correction: SmallBiz-Small Talk-Community Banks story
NEW YORK (AP) -- In a story Feb. 8 about small businesses and community banks, The Associated Press, relying on information provided by the Independent Community Bankers of America, reported erroneously that the ICBA counted 5,521 community banks as of Sept. 30. The source for that number was actually the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp....

Correction: Pimento Spread-Recall story
CHESTER, S.C. (AP) -- In a story Feb. 9 about a recall of Ruth's Salads pimento cheese spread, The Associated Press reported erroneously where some of the recalled items were made. All of the recalled spread was made in a plant in Chester, South Carolina; none of it was made in Charlotte, North Carolina....