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Correction: Police Misconduct-Dallas story
DALLAS (AP) -- In a story Aug. 15 about Dallas spending millions of dollars to settle police misconduct lawsuits, The Associated Press erroneously attributed the story to KDFW-TV. The story was done by KTVT-TV....

Correction: Economy-Jobs Report story
WASHINGTON (AP) -- In a story Aug. 4 about the government's July jobs report, The Associated Press referred erroneously to Aaron Sojourner, an economist at the University of Minnesota, as Andrew Sojourner....

Correction: North Korea-Guam Government story
HAGATNA, Guam (AP) -- In a story Aug. 14 about how the nuclear conflict with North Korea provided momentum to change the government on Guam, The Associated Press erroneously reported the name of Guam's representative in Congress. She is Madeleine Bordallo, not Madeliene Bordallo....

Correction: Film-Academy Interns-Bigelow story
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) -- In a story Aug. 10 about a new film industry internship program, The Associated Press misspelled the first name of one of the student participants. Her name is Tracey Aivaz, not Tracy Aivaz....

Correction: Mexico-Drug Trafficking story
MEXICO CITY (AP) -- In a story Aug. 9 about 22 people sanctioned for alleged drug ties, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the U.S. Treasury Department sanctions involving Raul Flores Hernandez were the largest ever of a drug trafficking organization under the Kingpin Act. The Treasury Department says they were the largest ever against a designated Mexican drug cartel....

Correction: Obit-Disney Imagineer story
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- In a story July 28 about the death of Disney "Imagineer" Martin Sklar, The Associated Press omitted the name of one of his children, Leslie Sklar, among his survivors. The AP, relying on information from a spokeswoman for Walt Disney Imagineering, had reported erroneously that Sklar's daughter was named Leslie Sklar Dahan....