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The life of Fidel Castro

Castro on camera: AP photographer recalls frequent subject

Images of Castro


Castro's death celebrations collide with Art Basel Miami
AP Photo
WYNWOOD, Fla. (AP) -- "Fidel, may you rot in hell." That was the stark message on a mural outside a popular thrift store in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood that had dozens waiting in line to sign their name....

US casts watchful eye on Cuban crossings after Castro death
AP Photo
MIAMI (AP) -- Rodolfo Lledes departed Cuba and headed for Florida with 26 others on a motorized raft made of empty 55-gallon drums. Claudia Cruz Perez wound her way on buses, boats and planes through South America to the U.S.-Mexico border, eventually landing in Miami....

Adulation of Fidel Castro runs deepest in rural eastern Cuba
AP Photo
EL GUAYABO, Cuba (AP) -- The single dirt street in El Guayabo runs past a few dozen cinderblock homes, the medical clinic and the primary school to a grove of 76 trees planted to honor Fidel Castro on his 76th birthday....

A rose for family of US plantation owner executed by Castro
AP Photo
MIAMI (AP) -- One of Miami's oldest cemeteries is so close to the Fidel Castro death celebrations at Caf Versailles in Little Havana that its marble angels echo with conga-line cheers from Calle Ocho....

Cuban family reveals complex reaction to Castro death
AP Photo
SANTA CLARA, Cuba (AP) -- When Nancy Belcourt was a girl, two of her uncles fled their home in the central Cuban countryside to join rebels fighting a counter-revolution against Fidel Castro....

Fidel Castro ashes complete first leg of cross-country trip
AP Photo
SANTA CLARA, Cuba (AP) -- Fidel Castro's ashes are completing the first leg of a more than 500-mile (800-kilometer) journey across Cuba, traveling in a flag-draped cedar coffin through small towns and cities where his rebel army fought its way to power nearly 60 years ago....