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James Bond meets Samuel Colt: Seeking to build a safer gun
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- Jonathan Mossberg is among a small number of pioneers looking to build a safer gun. But unlike many others, he was in the gun business when he started down that path....

From new to old, some of the gun safety features over time
Daytona Beach, Florida-based iGun Technology Corp. has been developing a "smart gun," a firearm that uses a ring with a chip in it to send a signal to a circuit board embedded in the firearm so that only an authorized user can fire the gun....

Watchdog looks to counter new chemical weapons threats
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) -- With about 92 percent of the world's declared chemical weapons stockpiles destroyed, the watchdog agency overseeing the elimination of poison gas and nerve agents is looking now to counter emerging threats from extremist groups while still dealing with unfinished business in Syria....

China's April manufacturing activity weaker than expected
BEIJING (AP) -- China's manufacturing activity was weaker than expected in April, according to a survey by an industry group....

Thousands march in Moscow's Red Square for May Day rally
Trade unions and other groups are staging rallies around the world to mark International Workers Day. A look at some May Day events:...

Schumer: Probe billboards using phone data to track shoppers
NEW YORK (AP) -- An outdoor advertising company that owns thousands of billboards across the country, including in Times Square, and around the world, is using mobile phone data to learn about people who are passing their displays in order to cater ads to specific consumers, and U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer wants federal officials to investigate if the practice is legal....

Berkshire Hathaway's 1Q profit up 8 percent on paper gain
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) -- Berkshire Hathaway's first-quarter profit grew 8 percent largely because of the way it had to account for its Duracell acquisition on paper, but profits fell at its BNSF railroad and at its insurance units....

Leicester soccer team was 5,000-1 longshot, now eyes title
LONDON (AP) -- Bettors looking for a wager with a fancifully high payoff last summer could have gone into their local betting shop in England and risked a bit of cash on the proposition that Elvis Presley would be found alive and well....

Iraq says oil exports, revenues increase in April
BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq says April crude oil exports have increased by 2.3 percent from the previous month, filling cash-strapped coffers amid an acute economic crisis....

Gibraltar pushes for airport to be under EU aviation laws
GIBRALTAR (AP) -- Gibraltar's authorities have joined air-travel industry leaders in calling for the small British territory on Spain's southwestern tip to be included in the European Union's laws governing European aviation....

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Berkshire Hathaway's 1Q profit up 8 percent on paper gain

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