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US consumer confidence jumps in September
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. consumer confidence in September rose to the highest level in nine years, a hopeful sign that economic growth will accelerate in coming months....

Unhappy Target customers send strong message on pill bottles
Longtime customers of Target's pharmacies are finding a change in pill bottle design hard to swallow....

US home prices climbed again in July
WASHINGTON (AP) -- U.S. home prices rose again in July, pulled up by strong gains in Portland, Seattle and Denver....

Shell: Fire forces closure of key oil pipeline in Nigeria
LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) -- A fire has forced the closure of a key oil pipeline in Nigeria, Shell said Tuesday, amid ongoing challenges including militant attacks that are losing oil multinationals billions of dollars in what used to be Africa's biggest petroleum producer....

Password breach could have ripple effects well beyond Yahoo
LONDON (AP) -- As investors and investigators weigh the damage of Yahoo's massive breach to the internet icon, information security experts worry that the record-breaking haul of password data could be used to open locks up and down the web....

No diesels need apply: Electric cars rule at Paris show
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- Carmakers are finding the Paris auto show , held in a city whose mayor wants to ban diesels to reduce pollution, as a fine place to show off new zero-emission electric vehicles....

'Dramatic slowing' seen in global trade, as rhetoric rises
GENEVA (AP) -- The World Trade Organization dramatically slashed its forecast for trade growth this year by about a third to its lowest rate since 2009, when the global economy was mired in recession in the wake of the financial crisis....

WHY IT MATTERS: Social Security
WASHINGTON (AP) -- THE ISSUE: More than 60 million retirees, disabled workers, spouses and children rely on monthly Social Security benefits. That's nearly one in five Americans. The trustees who oversee Social Security say the program has enough money to pay full benefits until 2034. But at that point, Social Security will collect only enough taxes to pay 79 percent of benefits. Unless Congress acts, millions of people on fixed incomes would get an automatic 21 percent cut in benefits....

AP FACT CHECK: Trump on discrimination in his business
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A claim from the presidential debate and how it stacks up with the facts:...

AP FACT CHECK: Trump on Federal Reserve
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A claim from the presidential debate and how it stacks up with the facts:...

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US consumer confidence jumps in September

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US home prices climbed again in July

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