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Today in History
Today in History: Thursday, July  20, 2017
AP Highlight in History:
On July 20, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.

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Audio LinkNeil Armstrong: "the Eagle has landed."
Audio LinkNeil Armstrong: "one small step for man"
On this date in:
1810Colombia declared independence from Spain.
1861The Congress of the Confederate States began holding sessions in Richmond, Va.
1871British Columbia joined the confederation as a Canadian province.
1881Sioux Indian leader Sitting Bull surrendered to federal troops.
AP Photo
1917The World War I draft lottery began.
1944Adolf Hitler was only slightly wounded when a bomb planted by would-be assassins exploded at the German leader's Rastenburg headquarters.
1944President Franklin D. Roosevelt was nominated for an unprecedented fourth term at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
1976America's Viking 1 robot spacecraft landed on Mars.
1977A flash flood hit Johnstown, Pa., killing 80 people and causing $350 million in damage.
1990A federal appeals court set aside Oliver North's Iran-Contra convictions.
1993White House deputy counsel Vince Foster was found shot to death in a park near Washington, D.C., in an apparent suicide.
1999After 38 years at the bottom of the Atlantic, astronaut Gus Grissom's Liberty Bell 7 Mercury capsule was recovered.
2007The Senate Judiciary Committee voted almost totally along party lines, 13-6, to approve Elena Kagan to be the Supreme Court's fourth female justice.
Highlights of This Day in History
Today's Birthdays:
Sen. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., turns 81 years old today.
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
Diana RiggActress ("The Avengers")79
John LodgeRock musician (The Moody Blues)74
Kim CarnesRock singer72
Larry CraigFormer U.S. senator, R-Idaho72
Carlos SantanaRock musician70
Josh HollowayActor ("Lost")48
Omar EppsActor ("House M.D.")44
Peter ForsbergHockey player44
Judy GreerActress42
Charlie KorsmoActor39
Elliott YaminSinger ("American Idol")39
Gisele BundchenModel37
Stephen StrasburgBaseball player29
Singer-dancer Julianne Hough ("Dancing with the Stars") turns 29 years old today.
AP Photo/Chris Pizzello