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Today in History
Today in History: Thursday, July  30, 2015
AP Highlight in History:
On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Medicare bill into law.
AP Photo
On this date in:
1619The first representative assembly in America convened in Jamestown, Va.
1729The city of Baltimore was founded.
1792The French national anthem, "La Marseillaise" by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, was first sung in Paris.
1863American automaker Henry Ford was born in Dearborn Township, Mich.
1930Host Uruguay won soccer's first World Cup with a 4-2 victory over Argentina in the final in Montevideo.
1942President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill creating a women's auxiliary agency in the Navy known as Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, or WAVES.
1945The USS Indianapolis, which had just delivered key components of the Hiroshima atomic bomb to the Pacific island of Tinian, was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine; 880 men lost their lives.
1966England won the World Cup when Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick in a 4-2 victory over West Germany at London's Wembley Stadium.
AP Photo
1971Apollo 15 astronauts David R. Scott and James B. Irwin landed on the moon.
1975Former Teamsters union president Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in suburban Detroit. (His remains have never been found.)
2002Expelled from Congress a week earlier, James A. Traficant Jr. was sentenced to eight years behind bars for corruption.
2008Ex-Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic was extradited to The Hague to face genocide charges after nearly 13 years on the run.
Highlights of This Day in History
Today's Birthdays:
Actress Hilary Swank turns 41 years old today.
AP Photo/Peter Kramer
Bud SeligBaseball commissioner81
Buddy GuyBlues guitarist79
Peter BogdanovichDirector76
Eleanor SmealFeminist activist76
Paul AnkaSinger74
David SanbornJazz saxophonist70
Arnold SchwarzeneggerGovernor of California, actor68
Jean RenoActor67
Delta BurkeActress ("Designing Women")59
Kate BushRock singer57
Richard LinklaterDirector55
Laurence FishburneActor54
Chris MullinBasketball Hall of Famer52
Vivica A. FoxActress51
Simon BakerActor46
Christopher NolanDirector ("Batman" movies)45
Tom GreenActor, comedian44
Christine TaylorActress44
Dean EdwardsActor, comedian42
Jaime PressleyActress38
Actress Lisa Kudrow ("Friends") turns 52 years old today
AP Photo/Chris Pizzello